Online money making has become relatively easy over the years, with more and more people joining the internet, the market is expanding gradually and more money is being made every day.

Having a source of income that is easy and quick is very important, it even gets easier when you fond yourself a valuable niche and tap into all the potential it has to offer

Most people would do anything to get on the Internet to make some cool cash, I mean let’s face it, nothing is easier than sitting in your house and getting paid from the comfort of your couch or even your bed.

Making money online isn’t a farce or a generalized lie, it is actually a reality, tons of people are getting paid online every day and there is absolutely a place for everyone.

Best Ways To Make Money Online-Various Ways

If one is willing to devote their time and resources, one could as well as make a living off of the Internet. There is no get rich quick scheme involved in online money making, you have to devote your time and resources to make it a reality. Like every other business or job, it takes nurturing and growth to get it to full capacity.

If you might be looking for a way to generate income easily online, without having to stress so much; you are at the right place, listed below are 10 ways you can easily make money online


  • Google AdSense

Yes, you most definitely have wondered if ads have taken over the world at one point or the other. There is almost no website or app you open that you won’t find an ad, whether it is telling you to click a link to see something or to register for something, there is always an ad somewhere.

Google AdSense allows website and blog owners to generate passive income by putting up ads on their website for people to follow. Whether you own a blog or a website with a huge amount of traffic, you can make easy money off of Google AdSense.

It is fairly easy to set up AdSense for your website or blog, as long as you generate enough traffic, you are good to go.

You could make thousands of dollars every month by just placing google ads on your website, isn’t that awesome? Once you set up your Google AdSense account, all you would need to do is paste the code given to you and Google will take it on from there

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a goldmine of online money making, this method also allows you to monetize the traffic you get on your blog or website. With Affiliate marketing, you partner with a brand usually referred to as the merchant website; this merchant website gives you an ad to put up on your website.

If any of the visitors to your website clicks on that link to the merchant website or buys a product on the merchant website, you get paid a commission by the merchant website.

It gets even easier when you partner with merchant websites that are in a field related to your blog or website, this increases the chance of your visitors clicking on the link to the merchant website.

Best Ways To Make Money Online-Button

  • Online courses.

If you possess any skills that are in demand or that you know well enough to be able to teach people, then online courses are the way for you.

Many people turn to the internet every day to learn new skills that they can market or make money off of.

With websites like Udemy, Lynda, you can make money just by selling lectures on any skill or knowledge of yours for a certain fixed price. These websites allow you to upload your course material and monetize it easily; and with the amount of traffic they generate every day, it is rather easy to make cool money off of it.

  • Selling books

You can make easy money online if you have excellent writing skills and experience in storytelling. Websites like Amazon allow you to publish your books and sell them for certain a certain amount of money.

  • Online Task

There are some jobs that computers themselves cannot do, these jobs require human expertise and are referred to as HITS that is Human Intelligent Tasks.

Websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Click worker and ClixSense offer online workers money to perform quick and easy tasks.

  • Sharing Sponsored Posts

If you own a large social media following or a solid presence on social platforms, sponsored posts might be the way for you. Big companies are willing to pay social media influencers to share their products and services on social media to generate customers for them.

  • YouTube

YouTube is another valid way to make money online, this method allows you to share videos on anything you feel can attract people and make money off it.

Every year, various YouTube channel holders make millions of dollars just by posting videos and attracting tons of viewers.

Best Ways To Make Money Online-Dollars

  • Online Surveys

You can make easy money online just by filling online surveys. Many websites like Swagbucks, VoxPopMe and so on, offer their users the chance to make money simply by filling online surveys.

  • Marketing your goods

If you have products or goods that you would like to sell online and make money from, there are online stores that allow you to set up shop and market your products. An example of some of these online stores is Shopify.

  • Freelancing

If you have any skill or knowledge that is marketable like graphics design, web design, writing and so on, you can easily join any of the online freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and so on. These websites allow you to sell your skills by connecting you with buyers that are willing to buy your services for a certain fixed price.

  • Start a blog

This method is a certain way to make you money online if properly followed, blogging may take a bit of time to get fully established or monetized as it requires the constant generation of good content to attract traffic.

But if you are able to generate enough traffic and keep people glued to your blog, then you are in for some really good money. Blog websites can be easily monetized through the sharing of sponsored content, Google Ads and even Affiliate marketing.