Why has outreach for paid ads decreased?

Sometimes you face the fact the outreach for your paid ads has fallen and you cannot understand why. This is something that eventually happens even with the best marketers and usually this happens due to technical reasons, not the fact you are doing something wrong. Below you can see the most common reasons for outreach to fall.

1. Mixing target audience for two ad campaigns

This usually happens with the beginners, though sometimes experienced marketers face the same problem.

Often we create 2 ad campaigns for the same audience to increase outreach. However, it always leads to the conflict between ad campaigns when it comes to displaying an ad to the users as the one audience is shared between two ad campaigns.

Thus, the coverage decreases for both campaigns.

If the goals for both ad campaigns are identical, then the issue is solved simply: we create 1 ad campaign with 2 ad sets, and the problem is solved!

In order to check whether there is a conflict between two ad campaigns, you need to enter Ads Manager and make sure audience is not shared by them.

2. Your stake being beaten

Once you make a stake for display or click be ready to the fact other advertiser will beat your stake as there is much competition for audience outreach in Facebook. There are three options for you to solve this issue:

  • raise the stake;
  • make it adjustable to guarantee display;
  • seek for another audience

How to define: outreach change can be indicated when you monitor CPM cuts per days; you also can change stake manually and analyze the results (increase or decrease of outreach).

problems ads

3. You have been penalized for violation of guidelines

There are situations when your advertising company is checked not by the robot, but by the real person.

It can happen if you are considered to: make manipulations with payment cards; frequently get complaints from users for ads displayed; place potentially forbidden content or false information on the advertiser’s resources (for example, on internal pages in structure of a landing).

Also, you can be submitted to manual moderation in case you have created a creative with excess of 20% of the text on the image (this is a beginner’s mistake).

As a result, FB reduces your outreach, and the ad display price increases.

How to define: you will get a notification on your advertising account; but sometimes the outreach has already fallen, and the notification comes with a delay (or does not come at all).

4. Your announcement is not relevant for audience

The relevance score directly depends on negative responses and ignorance of your advertising: the more negative ones there are, the lower is the relevance score.

Once RS is lower, the CPM rises for you.

Thus, launch of advertising campaign becomes too expensive. This usually happens due to the poor targeting. To avoid this you need to evaluate your target audience more precisely.

5. Low daily active users indicator

If you do not manage to engage users with your content, your DAU will be rather low, which decreases outreach you can count on. So the best way for you to solve this issue is to make engaging content.

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6. Frequent change of settings

If you change the advertising campaign settings too often, Facebook just does not have time and resources for reorganization.

Most often such situation arise on start of advertising campaign.

7. Your creative has become outdated

Sometimes you only need to update the creative to increase user engagement and thus get higher DAU rate.

8. You have reached the maximum outreach

This happens rarely; however, sometimes you really reach the maximum amount of users that correspond to your ad campaign requirements. If this happens, Facebook offers you to add new groups of users automatically or customize new target audience settings on your own.

How to define: pay attention to the frequency of ad display and volume of audience, and also look at the marketing purposes.

9. Ad account bug

This happens very seldom; but sometimes there are errors taking place, and in a result, your outreach decreases dramatically. Usually that happens, when Facebook implements changes to algorithm or other elements of system.

For example, this year changes to targeting has led to decrease of audience, however, Facebook has notified advertisers about this.

How to define: such bugs usually call a lot of reaction in professional communities.

Ad account bug

10. Change of the “suggested post” status

If you have produced an engaging content for an ad, the post becomes suggested, which increases outreach dramatically. However, afterwards you launch another ad for the same audience, and outreach is not so high. Just because an ad did not become suggested. It is absolutely normal; and it is one more reason to produce engaging posts.