While using the internet, it is extremely important for you to have a clear understanding on how to ensure online privacy. We often see how people who fail to adhere to online privacy protection end up with hassle and frustration. You need to make sure that you don’t become the next such victim. That’s where we thought of sharing this online privacy guide. These online privacy tips will help you to make sure that no person can hack into your online privacy and lead you towards frustration.

Online Privacy
  • Update your browsers

Your internet browser is the gateway that you use to access the internet. Hence, it is important for you to keep it updated at all times. These updates are in a position to cover up all the holes that the attackers are using to capture your passwords and web history. You can also set up automatic updates in your web browser to refrain from hassle.

  • Use a single app to keep track of passwords

You are using different passwords for different accounts. Since you can easily forget those passwords, you will tend to use pen and paper to write them down. Instead of sticking to such a method, you are strongly encouraged to use a dedicated password storage app to keep track of all your passwords.

  • Make sure that you are using a secure connection at all times

When you are using services such as Facebook and Gmail, it is better to switch to secure browsing mode. You can do that from the account settings. Once you do it, you will be able to refrain from digital eavesdropping. You should also check whether you can see https in the address bar. In such a situation, you don’t need to worry about anything because you are using a secure connection.

  • Use alternative email addresses

It is better if you can use alternative email addresses when you are signing up with different websites. In most of the instances, online privacy breaches take place because other people are aware of your email and password. If you can make the life difficult for them to guess the passwords, you can ensure your privacy in a convenient manner.

  • GO through the Terms of Service

At the time of signing up with a website, you are strongly encouraged to go through the Terms of Service. This is one of the most prominent online privacy tips that most of the people miss. When you read Terms of Service, you will be able to understand how your data is being used and what the level of protection that you can receive is.

  • Clear the browser history

Your browser history is being used by the ads to provide you with appropriate ad recommendations. This happens due to cookies that you have on the computer. In fact, cookies can remember the different websites that you visit. It is better if you can use a tool to clean the old cookies.

  • Control how the devices and apps can collect your data

Some of the apps will request for permission to access your location and web cam. If the app that you install doesn’t need to access such features on your mobile phone or computer, you shouldn’t provide permission. That’s because providing access to your web cam or location can lead you towards lots of troubles in the long run. You should only allow reputed apps to take control over them.

  • People can also locate you via your social media updates

Your social media updates can effectively be used by others to find you. Therefore, you need to be mindful about this fact as well. Even if you keep these details hidden, there is a possibility for them to be extracted through some mechanisms. Hence, it is better if you can refrain from sharing lots of information on the internet.

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  • Be mindful when you are using public Wi-Fi networks

All people who read this online privacy guide should be extra careful at the time of accessing public Wi-Fi networks. That’s because lots of hackers tend to extract information that is available on the public Wi-Fi networks that can be found in airports or neighborhood coffee shops. When you are using a public Wi-Fi, your computer and details related to it are visible outside. Hence, it is better to refrain from using such public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Protect the text messages

It is better if you can encrypt text messages and phone calls. Even if there aren’t any dedicated apps on the phone that can help you to do it, you can take a look at the trusted third party apps. You can get such apps for your PC as well.