5 Affiliate Marketing Tips that will actually work in 2018 

Let me guess. You are obviously here because you want to know how you can increase your affiliate marketing sales or you are just a rookie who does not know where to start. Lucky you, you have come to the right place.

From this article you will learn about the most valuable tips which will help you avoid mistakes as an affiliate marketer in 2018.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Tip #1. Be the “bridge”

What many online marketers tend to forget is that you need to create an “in between”. Now let me explain that a little bit. If you are promoting another company’s products or services, do not send traffic directly to that offer.

Remember one thing. People buy from people. They do not buy from companies.

You have got to create some sort of a bridge page. Make a video or write an article where you explain to people why that product is going to bring them value, what benefits they will get.

What is important here is that you need to put yourself out there, show your face, become real. Build relationships with people this way, make them trust you before they even get to the product.

So, basically, this is an introduction piece, a 2-3-minute video or a 500-word article.

Tip #2. Go deeper

The second tip is to go deeper and, actually, tell in details about the product or service, to make your honest review.

The reason reviews are working so well is that such kind of content brings a lot of value to potential customer. Moreover, when people are looking specifically for a product review they are already in a buying mood, which means they can actually purchase something of a higher price.

Reviews especially work well when you show that you own a product and share your personal experience with it. Because that is what people want – a person like them using a product, not a group of scientists wearing fancy robes.

Tip #3. Find the best in class

Another type of content that works as well as review is comparison. People always want to know what makes that particular product or service better than the others in outline.

What is crucial here is being honest and not to treat things you are comparing with prejudice. Do not overestimate one product over its competitor to get a higher commission. People will surely feel that you are not being sincere with them.

You may get away with it for once or twice, but with this kind of approach your business will not make it in the long run.

Tip #4. Exceed expectations

The strategy here is to be different from your competitors. You see, there are so many people, promoting exactly the same things as you do. Therefore, you have to offer better quality and conditions to stand out.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

To put it into practice, just please potential buyers with bonuses they do not expect to get at this point of their search.

What can that be? Basically everything that is valuable to the target audience. Right off the top of my head: free E-book, a PDF report, a free webinar, a discount, some useful tool, anything that will make the purchase more informative and cost-effective.

Tip #5. Form an audience

What many of online marketers do is promoting products of different campaigns by driving traffic directly to those companies. Do not do this, or you are going to lose prospective income.

Do you remember I was talking about becoming a bridge between the company and the customers? Use this opportunity not just to inspire confidence and increase conversion rate, but to attract the audience.

To put it simply, get their contacts (usually it’s an email) to proceed with building business relations.

This way you will kill two birds with one stone – make a commission and do not miss the opportunity to upsell to your subscriber list over and over again.


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