At the start of this year, All Around Business a business and investment focused organisation published ‘8 skills in demand in 2019.’ Three of these skills were data analytic skills.

This is no surprise as data plays an important role in any business, from music to medicine data is life. The ability to process and understand large loads of data is very important and with how fast the world is developing, the traditional methods of analysing data just don’t cut it anymore. This is where big data skills come in; equipping oneself with any of these skills is a sure way of increasing employability and remaining a valued staff.

Big Data Courses

Thankfully, the internet exists for more than the basic fun stuff- it provides easy access to several big data online courses, meaning you don’t need to enrol in any fancy schools to learn about data analytics. From the comfort of your homes you could learn and get certified.

Deciding on what skills to learn and courses to take could be difficult as choices are many, it is for that reason we have shortlisted 5 of the best online courses for big data analytics out there.

What Is Big Data?

If you’re looking to take a course in big data analytics it is expected that you at least have basic information on what big data is about. So before stuffing you with information on best and available big data analytics online courses, here are some important term definitions.

  • Data is raw and unprocessed information which represents a larger phenomenon.
  • Big data is a term used to refer to enormous sizes of structured and unstructured data which are too complex for processing and understanding by traditional analytic methods.
  • Big data analytics refers to the complex process of collecting big data, processing and analysing it to provide useful understandable information as may relate to market trends, customer preferences, growth metrics, etc.


5 Helpful Big Data Online Courses

Earlier on it was stated how learning and possessing a big data skill is a sure way to increase employability and staying a valued professional. According to IBM, there has been in increase in demand for data professionals and this would only keep increasing as the year goes by, problem is there aren’t enough of these data scientists out there. A Cisco report even stated that 40% of companies find it hard to locate and hire data scientists because they are in low supply compared to demand.

In order to balance or closely level supply and demand for data scientists, many are encouraged to learn and gain quality knowledge in this area.

Don’t know where to start? Or are you a big data expert looking to improve in your skills? Here are our 5 helpful big data online courses for anyone and everyone.

  • Big Data Fundamentals at edX.

This is a 10 weeks intermediate course which would teach you how to make use of the most basic essential analytical tools and techniques as well as give you an understanding into how big data affects organisations and the problems that may be encountered in dealing with big data sets.

By the end of this course it is expected that you’ll be able to

  • Fully understand and design PageRank Algorithms using MapReduce.
  • Design algorithms to be used in stream processing and for keeping count of recurring elements in Big Data.
  • Detect and understand recurring big data events.
  • Understand underlying random walk algorithms

At the end of this free course you get an optional certificate for the cost of $150.

  • Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course at SimpliLearn.

The course although not free is divided into various sections of learning to serve your desired pace. A Hadoop certification is an especially beneficial one as not only is there a great shortage of data analysts conversant with this area, the growth of the Hadoop market is forever on the increase. With Allied Marketing stating that Hadoop Marketing will generate over $84 billion by year 2021, this is definitely a big data course to go for.

Under this course you’ll be given chance to learn about big data using Hadoop and Spark. You’ll also learn how to make use of big data tools such as MapReduce, Pig, Apache Spark and many others and be given the hands on opportunity to work on real life projects.

Asides many skills this course has to offer, there’s also provision for a 100% refund on fees should you be dissatisfied with the program.

  • Graph Analytics For Big Data at Coursera.

One of Coursera’s six big data courses, this is suitable for visually inclined persons who would want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of graphs especially in dealing with big data sets.

At the end of this course such persons would be able to interpret, create and analyse graphically structured data.

  • Processing Big Data With Azure Data Lake Analytics.

Another edX big data course, this one teaches you how to store and manage big data sets using Azure Data Lake Technology as well as processing and analysing several forms of data at different sizes using the U-SQL programming language.

  • Taming Big Data With Apache Spark and Python on Udemy.

This hands on course going for $99.99 only is the last of our 5 helpful big data online courses.

This Udemy course teaches you how to frame big data problems as Spark problems, ways of adjusting and troubleshooting large data sets running on a cluster as well as many others.

Big Data Courses-2

To enrol in this course, you’ll be required to have a computer and previous programming experience, especially in Python although this one isn’t mandatory but advisable.

In conclusion, demand for big data skills are only going to increase as data is becoming a more important part of life. So making the choice to take a course or go in this area is definitely one to put you on a path of long time relevance and success.