Cryptocurrency is a digital asset and a medium of exchange used for secure financial transactions and to verify the transfer of assets by cryptography. The bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency has made it a necessity for traders and investors to stay up to date with the market. The cryptocurrency is carried out on desktops and laptops and we cannot possibly keep it with ourselves all the time and there are many chances of missing on price movements. But there are our mobile phones which are always with us and cryptocurrency mobile apps installed on them can prevent missing on the latest trade news. There are more than 200 cryptocurrency apps but some of the best among them are listed below:

1. Binance

One of the largest exchange in daily trade volume worldwide is Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The users can trade from over 350 cryptocurrency pairs to trade against one another. The downside is that it has to yet integrate the major world currencies. In Europe and U.K cryptocurrency is bought and sold in Euros and British Pound.

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The application is currently available on Android with the iOS application and there are over one million downloads for the android app. It can also trade on Windows and macOS desktop.

2. Robinhood

The app was launched in 2018 attesting on less trading fee on platform. It’s available on Android and iOS allowing trade in major cryptocurrencies inclusive of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange

It’s the US-based exchange, one of the largest and reputable exchange which offers users a quick way to buy digital assays as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin using fiat cash. The company is now expanding its token base to include more assets to trade as well as broadening its approach for geographical areas to trade on the platform. Its web and mobile version is not just limited to trade but allows the users in spending their cryptocurrencies too. Despite all this, the app is pummeled with the high fee it costs and geographical boundaries to Europian Union and United State citizens only.

4. Enjin Wallet

Recently, the app is launched on Galaxy S10 and the company also created Enjin coin, the first gaming cryptocurrency. Enjin Wallet is only available for Android users. It’s not a trading app but a digital wallet with the feature of using Enjin’s secure keyboard or randomized keys. In case of loss of your phone, the wallet can be restored on another device.

5. Blockfolio tracker application

Blockfolio is designed to track trader’s crypto portfolios, the feature makes the app looked out for. It’s a free app available on both Android and iOS versions. This trading tracker is soaring with communities appreciation as the downloads reach more than 500,000. The application informs the user of real-time prices, statistics, and charts of cryptocurrency assets. It also has a feature of offering news and events for traders to stay in touch.

The list is enormous facilitating new investors on the crypto world while increasing the possibilities for cryptocurrencies as being widely accepted by the world. Investors spend much of their time in front of their portfolios making crucial investment decisions. For this, an adequate and competent portfolio management system is required. There are myriads of portfolio trackers and narrowing them down is a hectic task but here is a list of best portfolio trackers:

1. Delta

It’s similar to Blockfolio but a bit fast in listing the coins and more reliable, with prices a bit more accurate than Blockfolio. It can track several different portfolios and also contains a watchlist.

However, it lacks the versatility of Blockfolio when it comes to tracking individual coins. Design-wise the night mode is absent in Delta as it is present in Blockfolio but it is adjustable with dark UI. It also has a minimized layout which frees some of the necessary blank space in the app’s default view clearing app space.

2. Cryptopanic

Cryptopanic is not a mobile app unlike Delta and Blockfolio, it’s a webpage that works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile. It has dual functionality, as a news aggregator with social functions such as voting, and a portfolio tracker which works astonishingly. Prices on individual exchanges cannot be tracked but with Cryptopanic, we can. It also has an “extended” view mode which shows the price of coins in different currencies: USD, ETH and BTC (Price tracking of ETH is lacking on most portfolio trackers).

The best feature of Cryptopanic is not the portfolio tracker but its News portion with a gorgeous overview of crypto-news, with the ability to filter by coin and relevance. The app is also easy on the eyes bringing joy when looking at it.

Cryptocurrency Monitoring Apps

The app is available on It’s free to use but has a paid Pro mode which allows to add custom news sources and disable existing news sources for$9 per month or $99 per year.

3. Gem

Gem is the simplest to use with a friendly user interface which earns it the best user experience. It’s app-heavy with a light web presence i.e. only the Discovery section is accessible from the web. It allows the exchange of sync facility lessening the burden of manually inputting the data. It also allows for portfolios to be ported. It’s free to use pleasing design elements. Its ability to import/retain portfolio can be assessed if devices are changed or lost which save the traders from a lot of hassle.

Gem supports all known cryptocurrencies and exchange sync with 25 top crypto exchanges. There’s also a Discovery section on Gem, an only section that can be viewed from the web. It acts as a price tracker and personal crypto research corner.

Upcoming updates on Gem include a wallet with Shapeshift integration which can auto sync with Gem portfolio and enable auto trading from Gem itself. Some more minor updates include price alerts, trade history export (for tax purposes), widget for iOS.

No one portfolio management system has complete features which users look for but here are some of the best features to prefer in portfolio tracker apps:

  • Standalone Mobile and Desktop apps with slick UI.
  • All coins and exchanges tracked and easily integrated
  • Great charting capability and indicators, even on mobile
  • Alerts based on range of criteria
  • Customizable news and social media aggregation
  • Insights into other users and relative performance

It’s not mandatory to look for these features alone, there are a variety of trackers out there and you need to choose just the right one for you.