There is no essence of creating contents that have zero tendencies of garnering attention or drive traffic to the website. I hope no content creator ever has to face this height of futility, more than my hope and wish; I believe so much work has to be put into creation to ensure that online content marketing is done right.

There are high contents online that have only been viewed by a few people or no one at all while there are mundane contents that have the bulk of people interested. The difference between these two is not farfetched if we were to inquire.

The type of contents people pant after now are;

List posts

Each time I come across a list post, I always see a reason why so many others like me are interested. It is always so easy to follow through and relate with. Apart from the catchy titles, there is a way in which the development of an idea numerically helps in comprehension apace.

I want to think every other content consumer feels this way- take a cue and make your content more about lists, especially if it is like an instruction.

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How-to posts

If anything is writing how-to posts depict; it is that you have authority in your niche. It shows that you are well informed and capable of walking your audience through a step by step process.

This tone of confidence alone is enough to attract a full-blown audience. That they have an insight into the same perspective with you on a particular topic keeps them interested and glued to their screen.

It has been recorded that most how-to posts have successfully drawn people’ s interest.

Question and answer

Posts that have pulled crowed over time can be easily traced to interactive contents, where an expert in a field is interviewed and asked questions that matter or questions that relate to the contemporary topics. In some popular contemporary, a couple is interviewed to get insights on what it takes to be married and in love.

People love anything and everything that has to do with relationship. Hence, there is an assurance that this kind of content will gather a reasonable amount of crowd.

Personal success story.

Whether this is as a result of people’s flair for not minding their business or the constant search for inspiration, I cannot tell. What I know, however, is that this kind of content has been known to gather a broad audience.

It is one of the most valid types of content marketing. By all means, get personal because people are as interested in learning as they are in getting to know you.

This kind of content also tends to garner traffic because the audience wants an opportunity to learn from your story and apply some of the basis of your account to theirs.


Industry news

This is one of the most significant ways of ensuring people stay on your course. Industry news span from the events like wedding ceremonies of celebrities, child christening and dedication, concerts, and conferences alike. Some industry news could be about product updates and regulatory changes too. It could be a movie premiere among other things

All of these are what people go online to feed on. It is inherent that the audience wants to know about their favorite people and what they have been up to.

Some of this method of content marketing can also be complemented by using the best resources like;


Most people love to see what is being talked about. Videos go in-depth than any content resource.

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YouTube is a social space that has greatly helped video lovers and content creators to interact over time. It is very easy to come across YouTube videos with about millions of views, even other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others have found a way around allowing video as a form of reaching the audience.


This is a visual generation- before you see a reason to argue, make sure you have surveyed the kind contents that gain more followership. I am cocksure that you will find picture related contents interesting.

Stunning imageries have a way of communicating your idea to the people. Not just that, it is a great method that helps to engage the mind of the audience.

Live streams

This is one of the most convincing content creations ever to exist- this reason here is why so many people find their interest geared towards a live stream content. It is very easy to spot inadequacies and take a sneak peek into all that you need to know.

Millions of people have been found to show interest in live stream videos by joining the chart as soon as it begins.

It is so effective that some of the people who have no interest in the content you want to sell also find themselves streaming and joining just for the fun of it.

These methods mentioned will surely get you the traffic you desire.