Do you know how to get a free domain? You may be surprised at first but it is really possible to get a free website domain. Domain is the address of your site that people remember to access your site. A domain generally has three parts that include the name of your bran, a dot and an extension like com or net.

Free Website Domain

Choose a domain that is not in the premium list. It can help you to get a free domain with any other purchase from any provider.

Generally, domain providing companies charge a registration fee for the annual registration of your desired domain. If you are looking for a simple domain, you may easily find it on famous sites that are dealing with domain but if your domain is unique and premium, you may have to pay a big amount.

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How to get a Free Domain

We are going to discuss a few steps that can help you to get a free of cost domain for your upcoming site. These are simple things that you can apply for simple names. So, let’s get started how you can get a free domain for your site.

Get Free Domain with Webhosting

There are many web hosting companies that are offering free of cost names if you buy their web hosting packages. You can get personal email and domain and it will increase your visibility and authority for your clients and visitors. Most of the website developers like to use .Com domain extension so you must try to find a web hosting solution that offers free .Com domain with their hosting services.

Get Free Domain with Wix Site Builder

Wix is one of the best platforms that are people using for building their sites. This tool has made things easier for developers and bloggers. To attract more and more clients to their site, they are offering domain for your site if you are using their website builder.

They have differently priced packages for different types of sites but their most packages come with.Com domain. if you are new to this platform, you are going to love their amazing features as most of the professional websites are using WordPress or Wix these days.

Free Domain Extensions

People prefer .com domain extension but there are many domain extensions that you can grab for nothing. There are many sites that are offering.TK names for the first year. If you are a beginner in this field, you can use these free names.

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Use Promos and Offers

Many famous brands and sites offer first time free names for new users. You can register for such offer and enjoy free domain for first one year. These sites are going to charge regular charges after 12 months. But still, this deal is good as you don’t need to pay anything for first 12 months.