6 Secret Advertising Tips for Instagram

The time when Instagram was a social network only for photos of cats and cakes has passed. Now it has also became an outstanding platform to attract traffic. Here is some statistics for you.

More than 53% of users follow favourite brands on Instagram, and 44% of users use this social network to search for products (directly, without using Google).

The age of 70% of users is less than 35 years, and it means that Instagram is the ideal platform for businessmen who are targeted on young audience.

Thus, Instagram is a good place to generate traffic and all you need to do is to learn how to get the traffic for your own needs. In order to do that you need to create content that both gives inspiration and sends a message.

The inspiring image forces the person who looks through a news feed to stop. It catches attention. And the message motivates user to act. If your content meets both factors, then you receive warm traffic, which can be converted to sales (or any other goal of your ad campaign).

instagram and marketing

Tip 1: Use Clear Content

No matter what is depicted on the image, always use clear images.

Correctly arrange an object on the picture, use one of the principles of human eye working:

  • Break your picture into 9 equal parts.
  • Then place what you need to advertise along lines or on their crossings.

Such an arrangement draws attention for the best.

Of course, it is only a reference point. But it will help you draw attention to your advertisement on Instagram.

Tip 2: Use a Focal Point

You have only several seconds to catch attention to your post and to stick in people’s minds. That is why you should avoid using complex or ambiguous pictures. Follow the recommendations below:

  • Use the image where the attention is concentrated on one or two objects.
  • Do not place all products that you want to advertise in one picture (if there are more than 2 products).
  • Devote one announcement to one offer.
  • If you apply text on top of picture, make sure that more attention is paid to image.
  • Quantity of fonts used should be no more than 2, 3 per post.
  • For the best response use a background that will help the viewer feel the atmosphere.
  • The image should make user feel like he is using the product on his own and he likes it.
  • Remove excess details. If you use the text, be convinced that it can be read easily.

Tip 3: Use Your Logo Wisely

On Instagram, there are many nuances, which have to be considered when you launch an ad campaign.

It is very important to make sure your brand logo is used wisely; do not fill the whole image or post with it. Logo has to look naturally in the image and it should not irritate users.

Tip 4: Play with Color and Contrast 

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do to catch one’s attention is to use brighter colors.

If you use a bright background, add the text of contrasting color or fine contrasting details that catch attention.

tips for instagramTip 5: Same Style

Style that you use in your posts in social networks is an important detail. It improves memorability and recognition of a brand. It distinguishes your posts between other content produced by different companies.

You should choose one style that will be used for all of your posts. You cannot use flat design in one post and then use a gradient design in another. Show clients that you have one strategy and it is easy to recognize you.

Tip 6: Get Rid Of The Text

Instagram is the platform where the major role is played by images. Most of your content should contain images, not text.

Leave long texts for ads in other social networks or blog posts.

If you need to emphasize any idea or to add CTA, be convinced that your inscription occupies no more than 20% of the image.

Use one font style. However, do not be afraid to try out different text arrangements. This will allow you to find option, which perfectly emphasizes your idea.

Remember that people get bored quickly. It is important for you to generate catchy content to retain traffic.

Therefore, when you launch ad campaign, create many various ads and compare results.

This will allow you to find the best type of content to achieve high conversion rate.