How to Increase User Engagement on Instagram

This article contains handy tips on design of posts that are published to increase user engagement. No matter whether you already have corporate Instagram account or deal with traffic arbitrage, these tips are worth considering.

You will find out how to:

  • work with 5 key ranking indicators to increase account rating;
  • increase the number of followers naturally;
  • determine the best time to publish posts.

Most of the advertising accounts look like a show-window, which displays products with minimum of description. At the same time, the majority of brands and entrepreneurs place emphasis on the quality of image and absolutely forget about considering client preferences. Your potential clients see ads and sponsored by different companies content every day and it is not enough to have a beautiful image in your post to make a client choose you.

One good way to affect the client’s choice is to make him engaged in any way. Like, share or comment – all of these are the indicators of user engagement and the higher user engagement is, the higher conversion you get.

Below you will get valuable tips that can help you increase user engagement dramatically.

Tip 1: Content Quality: Image and Text

Below are some tips on how image should look like:

  • It is very important to create a catchy content if you want to grab one’s attention. There is a brief statistics for you: images with people get respectively 38% and 32% more likes and comments than images without people. Which means that it is better to make a photo of your product with a human than just photo of a product only;
  • Images in light tones get 24% more likes than those in dark tones;
  • Accounts with content performed in a constant style gain 25% more followers than those performed in different styles.

Getting to the text:

  • Use paragraphs, do not overburden post with text, 3 – 4 short paragraphs will be enough;
  • Use emojis to make your post more emotional;
  • Do not use formal style when you are writing a product description.

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Tip 2: Quality Is Prior to Quantity

The Instagram algorithm is about giving higher rankings to the accounts with high user engagement. You may have less followers or less content posted, but if the user engagement rate on your account is higher, your posts or your account will be top-ranked.

You need to be very specific and accurate when building the follower base; it is better to have 1000 followers with 10% user engagement than 10000 followers with 1% user engagement.

Do not create posts with poor content. If you see that the post is not going to collect the significant amount of likes, shares or comments, it is better not to post it at all.

Tip 3: Communicate with Followers

Every social network is created to make communication easier, so is the Instagram. If you want to increase your audience conduct polls, ask for feedback, answer the questions, stimulate discussions and exchange of opinions.

The number of comments under a post influences the rating of it too. The good answer to a question will show your competence and readiness to help, which positively affects client loyalty.

Quality Is Prior to Quantity

Tip 4: Use Hashtags

Publications with at least one hashtag receive on average 8% more engagement than publications without hashtags. If you want to increase user engagement of your audience start creating hashtags. It is one of the easiest ways to increase activity on your account for free.

Tip 5: Time of Publishing

If you publish your content when most of your followers are online, it is likely that this publication will be seen by the maximum number of people. Optimal time for publication can differ depending on your audience and the time zone.

You can define the best moment for publication experimentally by trying out different hours and days. However, the common peak traffic time for Instagram is 8-10 a.m. and p.m. during the working days and evening hours during the weekends.

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In order to achieve maximum effect from the tips described above, combine those with the tips we have disclosed in our article about design of ads on Instagram.