CPI- Cost per Install works are identified to mobile application. It is also known as pay per install/PPI. It’s a process of buying advertising selected to mobile users. This is very useful for the affiliates because they only have to give their money for the shown advertising, if a cell-phone user installs or downloads their offer or software. CPI is the most popular way of earning money for them. It’s also an integral part of “Affiliate Marketing”. The Mobile App marketing industry is capable of powering various business ideas. There are different kinds of varieties for mobile application marketer to select from upon beginning an app’s advertising agitates. CPI, or Cost Per Install, makes it sound delusively easy (pay-per-install means you get money when anyone installs your app), but there is actually so many variations to it. There is a tough ever- increasing competition going on in the app market. And for meeting their marketing aims, they have to deploy all these models or projects. These model and projects are the base of a successful company. Online business is the new hot cake in the whole world and CPI system is it’s engine. Without CPI, this affiliate marketing is nothing but a car without engine. So as far as online business is doing well, that means CPI is also doing well. Without CPI being alive, affiliate and the other online marketing will be dead and doomed.

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First of all let’s discuss the three main key factors of the CPI system. Which are as follows :

  1. CPI Offers
  2. CPI Offers Tendencies
  3. CPI App Marketing


  1. CPI Offers: Offers are queued the combined impression, snap, transformation data supplied by thousands of affiliate marketers. Every time a user installs an app, the app proprietor will get the CPI payout, and the users will gain the reward. CPI mobile app offers are becoming the hot cake for all of the affiliates. It is also becoming the leading source of remittance for many people throughout the whole world. Many Android and iOS app developers are incoming huge amount of money by CPI. Many publishers give digital ads to mobile inventories to push people for the installation of the certain advertised mobile app. As an outcome of offers campaigning the app company is imposed with a certain price if the installment of the application is successful.


  1. CPI Offers Tendencies: There are many tendencies regarding Mobile app CPI offers. Depending on many criteria CPI varies. First of all CPI is not available for all the apps. There are many aspects which calculate the price of every download. Such as country, platform, etc. In organizing the CPI, user’s location is the key point. The value is oppressed by the way of life leading of the people who live in these certain countries. As example, the European country has the bigger number of CPI. The value of every installment is different from iOS apps to Android apps. The reason is surely the money. People who choose iOS are those who have deep pocket, that will somehow transfer in some more in-app buyings. So, the CPI Android is not as much as high as iOS.
  1. CPI App Marketing: If you own an app then you must posses the best marketing ideas for earning money. The importance of the marketing ideas can’t be described in words. Cost per install is one of the systems using which we can calculate our advertising budget. The formula of CPI is – The total transaction spent on advertisement divided by the total number of installments. CPI is the strategic system where the money is given only when a customer installs the app after pressing on the ad made by the affiliate. Now let’s discover more about this point.

There are many options available for advertising an app besides the CPI model. Options which can make a great impact on marketing campaign and can give pace to the campaign.  Such as – CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA, etc.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

In this system the payment or the price depends on the how many of apprehension is being served. Mile is being set charged here, which means the payment will be given if a certain amount of people see it. Usually CPM is a very useful for the book publishers as they have the goal to increase attraction of the app.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

When viewers click on the advertising made by the affiliates, then the advertising company receives money for the click. But this is completely a loss project for the app owner because a click on the ad doesn’t mean that people will certainly install the application. On the contrary it’s a win or win situation for the one who is doing the advertiser’s job. His work is display the app to a target audience for increasing the number of reach and clicks.

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Cost Per Install (CPI)

This is our main point of discussing. When someone click on the ad and then install the app only then an advertiser can get his or her money. This is by far the best way of app marketing. This is why it is very popular all over the world. By selecting this method the app owners just have to pay for the number of downloads his or her app gets. The main motive of this procedure is earn perceptibility in app stores.

Finally, we can say after this very long discussion CPI is very much alive now in the world. In fact it’s a very important medium of earning money for many affiliates nowadays.