A bit about the profession

The term “affiliate” is an Internet slang and means “partner”. But in official dictionaries this word is translated as a “branch company”.

Affiliate program is a kind of business cooperation between the seller of goods or services and his business associates. The advantage of partner programs is that they contribute to reducing the cost for attracting a buyer. The affiliate manager receives an interest or a fixed salary of such cooperation in accordance with the partnership agreement.

Affiliate manager is a new profession, so the job responsibilities have not formed into a rigid list yet. He has to perform a wide range of responsibilities and at the same time act as an advertising manager, marketer, PR manager, user support specialist. In short, this profession requires constant development and multitasking functionality: it is necessary to improve partner programs taking into account the results of marketing research, to find new ways of promoting goods through partner programs, to attract new partners and support existing ones, to create strategies for partnership interactions.

affiliate marketing

Among the main functional responsibilities of the affiliate manager are:

  1. search for new partners using different methods;
  2. development of various types of promotional actions and promotional materials for advertising campaigns;
  3. support and counseling of existing partners;
  4. individual assistance to prospective partners in determination of performance strategies;
  5. search for new channels to attract traffic to your affiliate program;
  6. search for webmasters and their involvement into activities of the partner program;
  7. conducting statistical analysis of advertising campaigns, the results of partnerships, attracted traffic, determining their effectiveness and further optimizing.

Pros and cons of the profession


  • the profession is new, a few years ago it did not exist at all. Currently, recruitment agencies are literally filled up with applications for managers of this profile, that means the profession has become extremely popular;
  • decent salary;
  • the possibility of constant professional advancement;
  • conducting long-term interesting projects;
  • work in office and the possibility of freelance work.


  • monotonous work, which should be harmoniously and effectively combined with creative ideas.

Requirements of the affiliate managers

As a rule, affiliate managers work at different Web-studios for website development or online stores. Many employers among the main desirable features of this specialist indicate:

  • analytical mind;
  • thinking outside the box;
  • initiative;
  • responsibility;
  • sociability;
  • business bent;
  • knowledge of English (for promoting projects in English-speaking countries);
  • the desire to permanently improve professional skills;
  • ability to negotiate and make presentations.

Affiliate marketing manager

Of course there are necessary professional skills such as:

  • the ability to promote Internet projects and to carry out sales;
  • knowledge of the basics of online marketing (CPA / CPS / CPL, traffic-arbitrage);
  • experience with Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics;
  • experience as a web-master with partner programs.

The success of the affiliate manager is determined by his high incomes, which signify the success of the whole Internet project. The peculiarity of this work is that everyone should be satisfied with the result and work honestly – webmasters, advertisers and the affiliate network. Then there will be growth in turnover, stable salaries and a desire to proceed with cooperation more fruitfully.