Affiliate marketing has served as a means of earning for many bloggers and influencers. It has become a crowded market place recently. It has become difficult to reach out to a potential buyer nowadays. Because there are so many people out there but which one of them would buy your product? Answering this is a difficult task. But strategically studying the behaviour, buying patterns, likes and needs of a person can narrow down the list of potential buyers. Below you are going to learn about digital marketing verticals. You’ll understand how social media marketing verticals are penetrated into group of people.

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Understanding the Vertical Marketing

There are two types of marketing a horizontal marketing and a vertical marketing. When a product or service is available for everyone then it’s a part of a horizontal marketing strategy. For example consider a farm that sells egg, this farm’s selling strategy would have a horizontal approach to it. The eggs would be universally and unanimously bought by anyone who likes or eats egg. But if you consider a particular type of charger the strategy goes the vertical way. The chargers for different handsets of different companies and models would be different. That means selling this particular type of charger to anyone is not possible. There has to be a specific set of people who would be interested in the product. When a product or subjected to a particular specific group of people then the marketing approach behind it is going to be Vertical. In a horizontal approach the target audience has very less traits in common among themselves. In a vertical approach the target audience is set of people with similar behaviours, buying patterns, spending habits and much more.

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Targeting a Market Vertically

When you try targeting a market vertically you are concerned with a small set of people who have a lot in common. It can be, being owner of the same phone, or of the same age group, or on a specific position in the same profession. It narrows your search down to a well defined niche of people who can be potential customers for you. Also for a single product or service different vertical can be created. Like if selling eggs is your business then there are people who buy broiler eggs and there are people that buy the brown ones. Numbers can also be a factor in targeting the market vertically. A shop owner would buy many crates of egg while a household may buy only a few. A food outlet can buy a few dozens of eggs. The idea is to specifically targeting each pool and increasing the worth of your business.

Verticals in Affiliate Marketing

For your business or Affiliate Network to grow you need to pitch in to the appropriate pool of people. Let’s say you have blog about caring and nurturing a baby and you affiliate baby products. That leaves the product open for all the different parents with little babies living in the entire world to come and buy it. But you can categorize the products into groups. Like products for a six month old to one year, one year old to three years and so on and so forth. Let’s say you target your verticals to a particular geographical area. In this case you would have different pool of people narrowed down for you to figure out who would buy what. Knowing exactly whom you can sell a product to and scaling up the profits is the main idea behind affiliate vertical marketing.

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Strategic Vertical Marketing

Strategizing a plan for vertical marketing needs a lot of initial research into who can be the prospective buyer. Then starts the real research about what does the person likes, wants in life, his/her buying patterns. The specific research should be into what they want or need, or even what drives them, what age group they belong to. What kind of profession is he/she in or how many members are there in the family can be an important factor. After a thorough research it’s time to implant the USPs of your product/service into their minds. For this you would need to place yourself in place of that person and think. What is the one thing that would drive him/her to buy your product? Got the answer, good now showcase the exactly same USP of your product that would drive them. Seems pretty easy, right? No there is one more step to it. It’s not as simple as it sounds. While you were trying to understand all this, you forgot about your competitions in the market. There are exact same products being sold by many people or even better product at a better price than yours. The most important aspect that the best affiliate marketing verticals suggests is to focus on the competitors. Researching about your competitors is going to help you develop plans to sell your product better than your competitors.