Amazon is a technological online company that deals with artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, e-commerce, and cloud computing. It is based in Washington DC.  Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It is the largest online company in the world with a total revenue of US$232.887 billion by 2018. Amazon Company operates through the assistance of Amazon affiliates. These are marketers who attract new customers by providing platforms where products can be viewed. Affiliate programs are paid on revenue sharing basis, cost per click, among others.

Amazon Associate Program

Through this program, thousands of people can advertise various products sold by Amazon and make huge commissions.  People such as bloggers and web owners who are associated with Amazon create links when customers click the link and buy the products. The bloggers and web developers earn a referral fee of up to 10%. The Amazon associate programs enable the customers to get access to the products easily.

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How to Get Amazon Affiliate Marketing Web

Finding a niche where you can market Amazon products is a simple task.  You should identify areas which attract most customers and work on it. To identify marketable products, always use the Moz tool. This tool checks the rank and the frequency at which a certain product is viewed on the Amazon website. It provides suggestions on various searches that a person can write about. For instance, if you want to focus on electronics, you can search for something like “best newly invented phones.” This will lead you to what the customers prefer and therefore enabling you to enrich your web with the best content. This will increase the traffic to your blog.

How to Be an Amazon Affiliate

Once you attract traffic of about 100 visitors daily in your blog or web, you can now become an Amazon affiliate. Sites with low daily traffic of fewer than 100 visitors do not survive in Amazon. After signing up in Amazon, you will be required to provide a list of several websites where you will be carrying out advertisement. Amazon will later approve your sites, if the sites are of a low standard with a poor description of their products, won’t be approved. After Amazon approves the account, you are good to post links on your site. However, the links should contain disclaimers to notify your followers that they are for affiliate marketing only. Before starting to post products and the links, it is important to understand rules governing Amazon affiliate programs.

Ways of Earning Cash with Amazon Associate Program

Amazon developed its Amazon affiliate program to enhance high growth in selling the products while helping customers earn income through marketing of the same products. The Amazon associate program was established in 1998 when the company was selling books. Earning cash through Amazon requires intensive research and marketing to identify ighly marketable products. There are many reasons why you should consider joining Amazon affiliate programs; first, Amazon is famous; you will not be advertising something new to people. Therefore it is easy to earn through Amazon. Another reason is that Amazon does not charge any joining fee; joining the platform is free. Amazon is stocked with loads of products bought daily; therefore you will not get any trouble trying to look for items to market. Amazon has also developed various tools that have simplified the work of the marketers, these tools will direct you to various products, and you will be able to view and select the desirable ones. Been an Amazon associate, you will be able to view the products getting more clicks than the other; this will assist you in designing what to sell in your website majorly. Amazon does not have complicated ways of paying the marketers; they directly remit payment into the bank account. The services at Amazon is customer friendly; you will not meet angry customers complaining about any service or product they got from Amazon through you. Lastly, it does not matter even when the customers fail to purchase products you have promoted, provided they buy anything on your link, a commission will be earned.


Tips on How to Promote Amazon Links

There are several platforms you can post the links and wait for the power of the internet to work for you.  The following are various platforms you can easily get clicks on your links;


This is the best platform to reach as many customers as possible. The bloggers select the product and write everything about it. Mostly, the title of the content should attract the customers to read about the product, even if they do not have the intention of buying them at the moment,  you are sure they will come back later and check on them when they need to arise. Writing on the blogs should always be accompanied by a link for viewing the product. Promoting some products can earn you money, in some cases; Amazon picks items which they subsidize the cost. You can pick up several of them which fit in your niche and write about them; it will earn you an extra dollar.

Social media

Another platform you can share with the public about your blog content.  Posting a link on your social media platform will direct your followers to the products been sold. It is always good to indicate what the link will provide to avoid annoying some of your followers.

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This a good place for Amazon affiliates. Youtube always an excellent tool when providing reviews, tours, and tutorials.


Amazon affiliate is one of the ways of making income while just sitting at home. However, it is advisable to make intensive research on the products before starting online marketing; this will ensure high returns.