Anti-Fraud Tips for Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to affiliate marketing there is a number of rules, which will help you to avoid being banned by a CPA network. Consider these tips even if you use only white hat methods.

Know the Audience

The main goal any company has is to satisfy customers’ needs. Before choosing an offer and launching a campaign, make a detailed portrait of the target audience, define why these people need these goods.

Be Fair with your Audience

Internet users have an intuition about unnecessary goods. Offer only those things and content that are useful and necessary. Use only adequate creatives to show how the product can be really helpful, and why it solves the problems, target audience has.


Bring benefit

When promoting products, most of the marketers are concerned about describing it instead of describing how it can help consumer. Communicate with the audience, help them with issues. Almost always it will lead to increasing of the number of orders.

Do not Forget about Design

Accurate and beautiful design of a landing page, website, etc. is very important. It is known that for now, most of users pay much attention to design. Try different combinations of products, announcements, graphics and text to find the most effective formula.

By the way, the most efficient structure for a landing page is created with HPAMR methodology: Hero — Problem — Assistant — Magic tool — Resolution. However, the audience has already got used to this approach, and reacts not so actively as earlier; if only landing page is not catchy enough and does not have any NLP texts.

Show Patience

To achieve success in CPA you need to be patient. Any CPA network needs time to check quality of your traffic. This is the reason why the hold before payment can take up to 30 days. Provide good traffic and hold will not torment you.

Monitor Trends

There are always trends you need to follow and use when communicating with clients and making ads. Many companies have benefited with the activity in their social networks making memes, when Mask’s Roadster was launched in space, as they have associated it in some way with their services.


Content is King

People are seeking for answers when they visit your website, so do not forget to give those. Promotion of the product should not be the single goal of the content you post.

Make Tests

Advanced affiliate-marketing specialists assess the offer before signing to it. You need to provide a brief research and examine the offer with potential client’s eyes.

Then it is necessary to plan the budget for tests proceeding from the cost of conversion and a source of traffic. You need to make a table with analysis results.

For example:

  • Context — 3x conversion cost;
  • Social networks — 3x conversion cost;
  • Teasers — 4x conversion cost;
  • Clickander, pop-up — 5x conversion cost.

Testing may cost you much, but you will pay considerably more if you launch campaign without any testing.

Track Everything

The main factor, which will help you keep track of quality and efficiency of your activity, is measuring all the data you can get. This is where you cannot just rely on conversion rate; all the factors should be measured, it will help you make right decisions in future. Spend more time tracking efficiency of traffic sources.

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Know What You Sell

The most successful marketing begins with an understanding of a product, which you sell. The consumer needs full information. And if consumer will not be satisfied by the quality of information you submit, then the buyer will leave to the competitor.

Do not hesitate to ask the manager of the CPA network of a photo of product and other details.

Do not Wait for the Ideas from Competitors

Create! Because there cannot be two identical and at the same time working ideas.

As the example, Volvo was the first to position itself as the company producing the safest cars. Mercedes and GM have launched the marketing companies on the same basis, but they did not manage to succeed. So now Volvo is renowned as the manufacturer of the safest vehicles in the world, because they were first.

If the campaign idea is already used, it is necessary to look for other options and solutions. You have to make non-standard decisions, and try new methods, and then you will be able to outdo competitors.

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