Actual Tips on Avoiding Ban of Ad Account on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best resources to place ads on, as it gathers billion of people that actively use the social network. Therefore, it is very important to have your platform on Facebook and make sure you know how to operate on it properly.

Why is it important to place ads properly?

Have you ever paid attention to Facebook ads? You may notice that they are mostly well-designed, the links lead to reputable sources and there is no chance to get malware or “trash” content neither on ad, nor when you follow the link. And there is a good reason for it, Facebook has a very detailed and strict ads placing policy and moderators adhere the instructions precisely.

So if you want to place ads on this platform, you need to make sure you have read the rules and have understood them. It can be tricky though, knowing that even experienced webmasters sometimes make mistakes in ad design or content, and thus get either ads misplaced or business accounts banned.

The reason is simple, although there are all regulations published by Facebook, there are still some moments that need to be cleared. Below you will get them disclosed.

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Tip 1: Be as careful as possible when placing your first ad

It is very easy to become suspected by Facebook moderators, when you have just registered business account. All you need to do is to place a broken link, a link leading to questionable service or promoting some forbidden product.

When it is about trusted account that has already generated several quality ads, the Facebook moderators will just leave an ad for edit, but when you are a newbie placing “bad” ads moderators are likely to think you cannot be trusted.

In addition, you should know that placing 30 variants of your ad at once waiting for the Facebook moderator to choose the right one is a bad policy as well. This will surely lead to your business account being disabled.

Tip 2: Make sure the product you are going to promote is allowed on Facebook

Yes, it is rather obvious, but surprisingly many newbie webmasters still try to fudge on the Facebook regulations. You only need to read paragraphs “Prohibited Content” and “Restricted content” in Facebook Advertising policies.

These two sections are the most important among the list and you need to check them thoroughly.

Tip 3: Use one device and limited numbers of IP addresses

The thing is the login IP address plays an important role in authentication and if you use different IP addresses from different countries it looks suspicious for Facebook moderators, as usually that means that the account owner actively uses VPN services.

Tip 4: Do not make your content look clickbait

Facebook is very concerned about the ads quality, so it makes it all to get rid of clickbait content. Do not use clickbait headings to attract user’s attention if you do not want make your ad look like a spam.

Tip 5: Do not use targeted information in the ad content

When you design the content you may have a brilliant idea – why not to make a targeting on Facebook on personal data basis, like displaying ads for users called James, living in New York, aged 35-45 etc. and then use that name and city (or any other targeting parameter) and the text of the ad? It is a brilliant idea, right?

No, it is not. Imagine that you are getting ads with your name and personal data. Does not that seem creepy for you? It surely is. So Facebook restricts such a policy. Do not use user’s personal data in ad content, you had better make catchy ads .

Tip 6: Link to Reputable Domains Link to Reputable Domains

Check the resource you are placing link to. It should be reputable, especially if it is the first time you are launching an ad campaign on Facebook. Make sure the website you are linking to contains necessary contact data, policy and other features that differ real websites from the fraud ones.

To conclude, it has to be said that it is very important to be very accurate when placing Facebook ads, as it takes much time to check one and if there is a mistake found, you will get the ad back to edit, and you will have to wait again. If you fail to create proper ads, there are two possible outcomes:

  • Facebook moderators will block your business account
  • They refuse placing ad until the corrections are made

Losing Facebook business account is a very bad idea, as you will also lose an opportunity to place ads on Instagram.