Whether you are a beginner in marketing or you are a guru in the field, it is critical if you follow the ultimate game rule so as to be the super hero you want to be. There are classic marketing edge trends that are available for you to be on top. How on earth do you do that? It is simple! Spy on competitor ads. Spying does not necessarily mean that you are doing wrong. You are just checking on the tools being used by your competitors in the market and how they are working for them. Assess the promotion materials such as landing pages and banners which are being applied so that you may also be able to craft your own. If you are able to check and analyze how they perform once they use the materials, you will create a name for yourself and increase the chances of making more money. There are numerous tools that you can check and you have to be sure that you are selecting the best native ad spy tool. Follow through this article to see which ones are the best currently so that you don’t lose out.


It is one of the best tools currently and is considered to be a favorite by many. Once you enter the platform, you can easily download and check the promotional materials (landing pages and banners) from the most renowned networks for advertising. The networks seen here are over 100 and the ad exchanges range to over 70 countries and more than 110 carriers. As a matter of fact, AdPlexity has an array of versions which include AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Push, a push ad spy tool, AdPlexity Mobile which is a redirect, popup, in-app ad format for the mainstream advert traffic, AdPlexity Native for the native ads format, and the AdPlexity Adult which caters for the in-apps, redirects, banners, popup for all ad formats related to adults. AdPlexity gives you a variety of approaches according to the goals you have. If you need to check the affiliate marketers and how they are running from country to country, view the filter by country, select operator then device type. You will see every campaign being run on a certain segment. You could also filter to view the landing pages and the banners. Also, if you need to see the pop under or banners for the mobile web, there is a filter for this. Once you have filtered under the Mobile web, open each banner and view the landing pages it has.

If you need to know which promotional materials are being run for a certain type of offer, AdPlexity will help you. Assume you need to view an iPhone which is on sweepstake offer. Get to the landing page for iPhones and search for the specific iPhone you need. It is always easy to get whatever item you are searching for if you are able to specify the OS, operator, and country. You could also view the most received traffic so as to be able to know which marketers are making it big. You could also know the promotion which ran for the longest time since this could be a pointer that the promotion did well.

Mobidea Ad Spy Tools

It is one of the best Facebook ad spy tool that can help you know where to search and push for some product. Mobidea Spy Native and Mobidea Spy Push will help you know which are the Native and Push ads making it big in the market. Mobidea has some of the top features made from the best spy tools in the world. The tools are made into package that has been gathered while having affiliates at the back of the mind. Some of the best features for Mobidea Ad Spy Tools are Live chat support, CPC bid history, Advanced search filters, Campaign alters, hourly ads updates, and landing page ripper. You can uncover the best traffic sources and best performing ads and use this to create your private victorious campaigns. You can also choose from numerous mobile offers and power up the Return On Investment as you wish. This makes it very convenient for all affiliates of Mobidea to optimize and run their campaigns at a single push of a button and one login page.

Best Ad Spy Tools-Spy

The most special thing about Mobidea Spy Push is that it gathers some of the topmost network affiliates such as Earnify, ZeroPArk, MegaPush, AdMaven, Propeller Ads, and MGID to track ads. It will give you the ability to access over 16.5 million ads from close to a hundred countries. Mobidea Spy Native is a classic site that gathers data from numerous sources and puts into one for you to view and make decisions with ease. You can choose the company you want to spy on and try the flavor you need to spy on.


It is critical to update affiliates about any change in performance. Check the campaigns that you are mostly interested with and do the necessary data analysis. This will help you to assess the profit margins that will inspire you. If you need to create a new ad, the importance of a banner cannot be overemphasized. Good banners are the most critical factor that plays into a helpful internet marketing. Create appealing banners and view what your competitors are doing. Read widely so that you don’t remain an underdog in internet marketing.