You just can’t get too far in any industry without business awareness, contacts and information in the latest trends. If you want to get it all at once, consider attending some of 2019’s most famous affiliate marketing summits.

Still wondering why bother with that? The answer is quite simple. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced professional, you need to move at least the same pace as your competitors to stay alive.

The Affiliate Summit is by far the largest performance marketing event in the world. Attendees can expect to network and learn from professional companies and top decision makers from the affiliate marketing industry

Affiliate marketing events, such as conferences and meetings, can give you a lifetime of oxygen, with a combination of knowledge, inspirational ideas and an always refreshing look at brand-new Ad-Tech solutions. They can also help you build face-to-face relationships with future partners and clients.

Now, sit and grab a cup of coffee, and carefully take a look at some of the best affiliate marketings events in 2019. Enjoy!

Affiliate Summit West 2019

A few days after New Year’s Eve, nearly 7,000 professionals from 80 countries rush to arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Affiliate Summit Vest, one of the industry’s most important and largest annual events. The world’s top brands, technology companies, agency representatives, media owners as well as various successful people, traffic sources and professionals spend three days under the same roof, discussing the latest trends, sharing their expertise and building face-to-face relationships.

Summit 2019-Summit West

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019

The point of this three-day event, attended by more than 6000 attendees and 80 presenters, is the actionable content. The organizers say that there is no room for academic theories, only pure and proven expertise of renowned professionals, who some time ago were just employees of some other companies

Sounds perfect for someone who is looking for a bunch of proven guidelines.

LeadsCon 2019

Another very interests conference in the first part of the year is called LeadsCon. It is a large marketing event and exhibition with over 2700 professionals and a significant group of senior level lecturers. It is a good place to look for information on the latest trends and technologies regarding performance marketing and creating new business opportunities. Increase in lead, increase in sales and conversion rate – that’s what this is all about.

Affiliate Summit Europe 2019

The conference 2019 is designed by practitioners, for practitioners. This means the first approach to networking with a market day. Face-to-face sessions that connect merchants with affiliates. Include inspirational panels covering the latest business trends and challenges, and the opportunity to arrange a few easy meetings with other attendees and speakers through online tools to take advantage of all this Amsterdam event has to offer.

MAU Vegas 2019

Even if mobile application unlocking (MAU) may sound like a holiday reserved only for the mobile application industry, it is very important for performance and for affiliate marketing. Representatives from four hundred top mobile brands, a 3: 1 retailer ratio to marketers, and more than two hundred business information speakers – that’s a summary of what you can get in 48 hours at MAU. The famous saying “What’s going on in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But what you learn in Vegas brings you profits much later.

Affiliate World Europe 2019

Another great alternative for all European professionals and marketers who do not necessarily dream of jets and long journeys from one country to another. Associated World Europe, in just a few years, has become one of the best annual events in the industry. People value it because of its strong focus on networking, access to knowledge and innovation based on data. Very good for newcomers – and popular at such events – is the official conference application. It provides personalized recommendations, the ability to read with over 3000 participants, not to mention site maps and a full list of lecturers and exhibitors.

iGB Live 2019

iGB Live is certainly the biggest event focusing on the online gambling industry. I bet you already know how important (read: profitable) igaming might be to affiliate marketers. So, if it fits your profile, a conference and exhibition (with the last one free to attend for everyone) in Amsterdam is definitely a place to go and visit. Organizers highlight three pillars of iGB Live: networking, education and, business. Again, it sounds like a very compelling approach for someone taking their first step in the industry.

Affiliate Summit East 2019

The second major event of the year takes place in mid-summer in New York. Affiliate Summit East is, first and foremost, a meeting platform for representatives from all business segments, from affiliates, retailers, suppliers, networks to technology providers, digital agencies, and traffic sources. There are many opportunities to network and choose from each other’s brains individually or together during engaging presentations or panels that cover industry innovation and challenges.

Summit 2019-Summit East

Dmexco 2019

Although not specifically created for affiliates, it has a strong impact on all online businesses and e-commerce activities. Cologne in September is the right place to meet industry leaders, other marketing professionals and technology pioneers, as well as see what trends will shape the future of digital marketing

Affiliate World Asia 2019

Consider looking for an event to attend. Affiliate World Asia is another good reason to visit this country and perfect for digital marketing professionals. No wonder it attracts more than 3000 visitors and hundreds of affiliate networks and advertiser representatives.

Each year, various significant events occur for affiliate merchants. Opt for one (or more) that best fits your business profile, pay in advance and dive into the ocean full of information. It is important that you have an action plan to get the full value of each event. Listen to online testimonials from experienced attendees, search for trainers or successful people you want to learn from, find partners and clients you’d like to work with