You can find a large number of smart assistants, who are in a position to provide assistance to you with making your life easy. Out of those smart assistants, Amazon Alexa has received a lot of attention. That’s mainly because of the compatibility it has with numerous devices.

If you are looking forward to spend your money and purchase an Amazon Alexa, you need to take a look at the best Amazon Alexa compatible devices. Then you will be able to get a better understanding about the experience that you can secure at the end of the day. Here are the best Alexa devices 2020 available for you to consider.

Best devices compatible with Alexa
  • Fire TV Cube

Amazon Five TV is a popular media streaming device available for you to get. It comes to the top of best Amazon Alexa enabled devices. That’s mainly because both these products come under the same brand. Along with the smart Amazon Alexa assistant, you will be provided with the freedom to take control over your television and cable box. In addition to that, you will also be able to take better control over the other media streaming devices that you have as well.

Another great feature about Fire TV Cubs is that it comes along with an excellent user interface. Along with that, you will be able to end up with receiving a perfect picture quality out of it as well.

  • Lifx Mini

Most of the people who use Amazon Alexa prefer to take control over lights at home. That’s where you should turn your heads into the Lifx Mini light bulbs. You will be able to purchase these smart LED bulbs from the market with ease and install them on your own. Then you will be able to connect the bulbs to the Wi-Fi network and control them with ease. Along with that, you can even take control over them with the help of Amazon Alexa.

A variety of Lifx Mini bulb options are available for you to consider in the market as well. You just need to go through those different options and pick the best ones out of them. Then you can use Amazon Alexa to turn them on and off, change the color and adjust the brightness levels. You can even schedule them to make your life easy.

  • WeMo Mini

WeMo Mini is one of the smartest plugs available to consider. You can purchase this smart plug at an affordable price tag as well. It is possible for you to take the functionality that you are getting out of these smart plugs to the next level with the assistance of Amazon Alexa.

You can simply plug any electrical device that you have at home to WeMo mini. Then you will be able to control that electrical device with Amazon Alexa. Hence, this can be considered as a great method to transform the ordinary electrical devices that you have at home into smart electrical devices. You can even schedule to turn on and turn off them automatically with ease.

  • August Smart Lock

If you are looking forward to tighten the overall security at your home, you can turn your head into August Smart Lock. It is a deadbolt type smart lock, which can provide you with lots of innovative features. It is another great option available for you to consider under the best Amazon Alexa enabled devices. That’s because you can lock and unlock your doors with the Alexa smart assistant.

Connection to the lock will be maintained with the help of Wi-Fi. However, you should purchase a separate Wi-Fi bright to experience that functionality. You will also be able to get an optional number pad, which is compatible with the smart lock. It will contribute a lot towards the versatility that you can receive at the end of the day.

Best devices compatible with Alexa-Smart house
  • Arlo Q

If you are concerned about the security of your home, you should think about purchasing a reliable security camera. That’s where Arlo Q will be able to help you with. This security camera can impress you by providing 1080p videos. In addition to that, you will be able to capture content with an excellent capturing angle of 130 degrees. The night vision performance offered by the security camera is impressive as well. It can provide you with a range up to 25 feet.

Once you pair Arlo Q security camera with Amazon Alexa, you will be able to take the functionality delivered by it to the next level. Then you will be able to stream the videos whenever you want. This can benefit you when you are out of home. In addition to that, you can take control over other core functionalities of the camera as well.