In light of recent events that have sparked great controversy; certain personal accounts; and a rather unflattering Biographical movie that shows a few details about how this all came to be, I would dare to say that not even the creator of Facebook himself could have foreseen what his invention would turn into.

Facebook is nowadays a hub for so many different things at once that it is not even funny. It certainly makes a lot of things much easier than how they could be without it, such as connecting with long lost friends, keeping up with relatives and distant acquaintances, finding a group of like-minded individuals with which to share a hobby, getting a job, selling unused stuff that is gathering dust in the garage… the list goes on and on.

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools-Spy

It all seems natural now, but it was only a few years ago that none of this was available, and its evolution continues daily. One of the most controversial and profitable assets that Facebook has going for itself is its ad campaign system. Controversial because Facebook has no problem admitting (or maybe no way of hiding it at this point?) that they are constantly gathering all sorts of different information about you and the way you interact with their platform while you are using it. Of course, once you start down such a path (and I am not saying it is necessarily a bad one) it won’t take long for someone to connect the dots and find a way to spy the way in which competitors run their ad campaigns to find success with one’s own. This is where Facebook Ads Spy Tools come into play, so let’s define them before we move on:

What are Facebook Ads Spy Tools:

What both the worst and the best facebook ads spy tools have in common is the way they work and what it is that they do. What you get when you engage with a Facebook Ads Spy Tool is insight into how exactly it is that a particular ad campaign is run in Facebook, this in turn nets you very valuable information on how you should run your own, especially if you use Spy Tools to analyze the competition to carve a piece of your desired market for yourself.

The ad campaigns themselves:

            We will not go into detail here about the way Ad Campaigns work on Facebook for two reasons:

1.         There are a lot of options and they keep changing constantly: It wouldn’t make sense to do a deep analysis of something that could be very different for each specific case and that is subject to rapid change such as this.

2.         You don’t really need to go too deep into this to use Spy Tools effectively: The software itself will handle all of the hard work for you so that you do not have to do it yourself. The Spy Tools are constantly updated with the latest practices in terms of ad campaigns and you will be able to benefit from all of this just by using the tools themselves.

            What you need to know is that Facebook Ad Campaigns offer different ways with which to reach potential customers for your product. The Spy Tools will give you a great deal of insider information regarding the way in which they are put to use, including, but not limited to: the actual Ad copies, their angles, the precise landing pages used and the actual products of your targeted campaign. You could even find out what platform is powering their sales behind the scenes. You will get different sets of information depending on what Facebook Ads Spy Tool you decided to use, which brings us to our next point.

Do you have to pay for this service and, should you pay for this service?

Some would say “Why pay for something when you can get it for free?”, well there are a few reasons and we will cover them as they relate to this topic.

You certainly do not have to pay for a Facebook Ads Spy Tool if you can’t or are unwilling to do it, there are free facebook ads spy tools that will get the job done while costing you nothing, let’s take a look at some of the best ones available.


Yes, that’s right. Facebook is your first free resource to spy on the competition. You will not have a bunch of features that are present in other alternatives, but this is a good start. Check out the statistics page on the chosen victim to get started.


BigSpy lacks some of the polish than other paid versions of this kind of software offer, but seeing that it costs zero there is nothing to lose if you try it, and I’m sure you will get valuable information out of it.

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

So what if you are committed, and looking for a paid service to guarantee all the features and ease-of-use that you are looking for? Then check these paid facebook ads spy tools:


            Second place is somewhat disputed, but there is no doubt that PowerAdSpy is at the top of this list. It will give you everything you need and more, with excellent interface features to ensure that you waste no time trying to find what is relevant to you. They have several plans to choose from too, and a free trial.


            Full of great features and filters, you can’t go wrong with AdPlexity either. Payment options are more limited here and there is no free trial, but you will probably not regret the money you spend on it.