It isn’t a secret that today we do almost everything online. We do our shopping, watch TV, do our research, pay our bills, meet our friends. It is just much more practical. What is kind of a secret (not really but not a lot of people know) is that behind this technology there have to be certain credentials.  These credentials are what is known as SSL certificates. The best SSL certificate providers will make sure your computer connects to a server that is secure. When you are entering your credit card or banking details, for example, SSL is what is used to transfer them.

If you sell things through your website, for example, then you need to get an SSL certificate. Otherwise, the information of your clients can be stolen and make them vulnerable to identity theft.

When it comes to security, you want to make sure you are getting reliable, top-notch services. You definitely don’t want to compromise your customers. So, here are the top SSL certificate providers for you to protect the personal data.

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This provider has three main areas SSL certificates, Signing Services and SSL for enterprise services. It offers a variety of services and packages for you to purchase. If what you need is EV or OV level products then it is definitely worth a look. GeoTrust has solutions specially designed for governments, healthcare, financial institutions, and other similar things. That is why GeoTrust offers rather extensive identity checks. The thoroughness of these will probably help you achieve a top-notch security level. Moreover, every package offers 256-bit encryption and warranty. And even though it is expensive, it is not as expensive as other DigiCert providers and has very similar technology. Basically this provider has great value at the high end and can adapt enterprise solutions to your specific needs, however, validation will take time.



If you are on a rather low budget then this is the one to go to. Comodo is super affordable and adaptable to anything. Whether you are a home office of significantly big business. Almost all browsers entrust this provider and just like GeoTrust, it offers 256-bit encryption. Their services include unlimited server licenses and expert phone support. However, validation can also be time-consuming. Comodo SSL takes quite a long time when the checking information is not available online. Also, you might want to consider the fact that it was once involved in a hacking incident where fake certificates where used to spy on people in Iran. Regardless, Comodo has a rather good reputation on the web and is considered very trustworthy.



This provider grew so much that it acquired Symantec (Geotrust included). DigiCert offers the option of a WildCard option, which, while expensive, is worth it. The Wildcard option covers unlimited servers and a complete multi-level domain. Digicert is used by multinational companies like AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, NASA, Amazon, and many others. While it is significantly more expensive than Comodo, their prices aren’t that over the top and they offer up to 2048 bit SSL certificates. It is without a doubt one of the most recognized SSL certificate services there is.



Thawte is a giant when it comes to SSL certificates since it provides up to 40% of the SSL certificates on the web. It has issued over a billion certificates in over 140 countries around the globe. This company has particularly high browser compatibility. Not only that but its certificate tools are some of the best in the market, including up to 256-bit encryption.  If you need extended validation level certifications, this provider is also worth taking a look, their prices are fair and background checks are faster than most companies. It also presents one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction. Some of the things they offer within their Wildcard package are free reissues, unlimited Server Licenses, and dynamic trusted site seal.

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If you have heard from GoDaddy it probably wasn’t because of its SSL certificates. This company is more famous for its web hosting. However, they have a pretty good SSL certificate service.

Contrary to the others, GoDaddy doesn’t divide by DV, EV, or OV. Instead, the cost depends on whether you have one site, multiple sites or if your domain will have full subdomain cover. It is also rather affordable since the prices for a single site don’t go over $80 annually. Domain solution is a bit more expensive, however, it does come with SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption, which makes it kind of worth it. Their trust seal is approved by McAfee security as well. The packages can be adapted to your specific needs.


6.Network Solutions

Like GoDaddy, Network Solutions is not known specifically for its SSL certificates. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t great.

One of their greatest appeals is that the pricing is also rather low compared to other providers. And EV certificates are also fast to be issued, only five working days.

However, since they have a lot on their hands, the support team isn’t the best. However, you shouldn’t need to call support if you know your way around installing a certificate. If you do need good technical support, it doesn’t seem like the best choice.


7.Entrust Datacard

Entrust are experts on security and have been issuing certificates ever since 1994. Their main focus is to offer you security, and SSL certificates are quite recognized by this company. Something that differentiates it from others is that you will be able to manage multiple certificates from one console. Their services begin at the standard single site and climb up to the WildCard package. It is not the most affordable certificate provider, but it is definitely worth it.