Blockchain Technology: Is It Changing Affiliate Marketing Right Now? 

Current situation

In recent years, the quality of search networks has significantly improved. Most users of the “global web” tend to avoid obsessive advertising. Therefore, every potential buyer becomes more and more valuable to the advertiser, and lead generation becomes the main way of supplying customers.

Traditional marketing agencies are replaced by specialists ready to work for a percentage of sales through partner programs that attract quality targeted traffic, i.e. – potential buyers.


In order to ensure that affiliate marketing professionals are able to work most efficiently without worrying about possible risks, including fraud by unscrupulous customers, it is necessary to increase the level of transparency and security of CPA networks. Indeed, today one of the main problems of digital marketing is the risks associated with fraud and dishonesty of both customers and performers. Currently, web professionals working in the field of CPA-marketing, face two main types of problems – fraud and shave.

Fraud and Shave

Fraud is a deception on the part of an dishonest user of the CPA network, which can overstate the number of leads or use dummies. As a result, advertisers pay for poorly executed or not performed work at all. Because of such actions, the customers of advertising campaigns suffer and the reputation of the CPA networks themselves is undermined.

On the other hand, the shave is the fraud from another side, when webmasters are deceived by the unscrupulous creators of CPA-network, who can pay not the full amount of the earned money, understating the real cost of orders from clients – advertisers. In the most “severe” cases, dishonest creators of the CPA-network can even ban webmasters, appropriating all the money they have earned. Both types of fraud cause serious damage to the interests of both advertisers and immediate performers.


Blockchain in CPA marketing

The only way out is a radical change in the situation through the introduction of blockade technology into the activities of CPA-networks, i.e. a chain of blocks containing information, built according to certain rules. These blocks record information about all transactions carried out, and records can not be destroyed or faked, which makes operations completely open and transparent. That is, the use of blockchain technology is the first step to real increase of the honesty of deals in CPA-marketing.

The use of this innovative instrument allows to improve the quality and effectiveness of cooperation between advertisers and service providers, guaranteeing the security of interests of both. Its efficiency the blockchain technology has perfectly demonstrated in the market of crypto currencies. Its implementation has led to a multiple increase in the security of operations, especially in the field of investment platforms. Investments have become much more transparent, and investors have ceased to worry about the safety of their funds and received the opportunity to check the “trustworthiness” of start-ups seeking financial support.


How to implement blockchain in affiliate marketing?

Blockchain technology and CPA-marketing can be combined by creating a platform that is a decentralized system of CPA-services – from partner programs to partner networks. In such a platform, all the data of participants in the system, including information on reputations, orders and other characteristics of both partners and advertisers, can be stored in the blockchain. Lead data is generated using a special tracking service, after which it is added to the platform.

After the customer of marketing services agrees with the lead given to him, the cost of the lead is automatically debited from the advertiser’s account. The platform deducts the commission for its services, and the partner receives the funds received for the lead from the advertiser to his account. Only after the approval procedure of the lead and the transfer of funds the advertiser receives all necessary information about it.