Nowadays, a big part of having a business is being able to have online distribution. In case you didn’t know, 85% of consumers use the internet to find services they might require. As well as local businesses. Think about yourself, whenever you need to purchase something or want to find a new place to eat. You certainly don’t go to your Yellow Pages book. You google it. So, if you want your business to have a wider reach, you need to appear on the internet, and the easiest way to do it is with your own website.

Now, it is 2019, so your options for creating a website are rather wide. Depending on the individual needs your business might have, you might consider using a ready-built platform to make your life easier, or you might prefer to get it custom-made. However, you need to make sure whatever you do will be the best decision.

One of the most famous ready-built platforms is WordPress, keep on reading if you want to know all about WordPress and whether it is convenient for you to use it.

Building a Website-Laptop

What is WordPress and how does WordPress work?

WordPress is a framework for web development. The blogging software is open source and written in Hypertext Preprocessor. Basically, the use of WordPress is to create websites. The software behind it manages the content people put on their websites. The web pages you can start using WordPress vary from a blog to e-commerce. Today, WordPress powers over 30% of all the websites on the internet.

Part of the reason why it is so successful is because of how it works. As you probably know, webpages are powered by HTML programming language, which you would have to learn if you didn’t have platforms like WordPress. Once you install WordPress, you will be able to use a simple editor that will let you create web pages. Some version of the software will even let you create a page in minutes.


What is the difference between WordPress and custom web design?

The main difference between the two is, as mentioned before, is that you don’t have to build a WordPress from the bottom.

A custom website you have to literally build from scratch, using HTML, CSS, JS. And you have to learn them in order to do them or hire someone who can. A WordPress you can do yourself and no need to acquire any extra abilities.


Custom Web pros and cons

Custom Web you can start from scratch. You literally have nothing and can add as much as your capacities let you. If you have a list of features you want your website to have then odds are you are going to be able to achieve them all. You are drawing a blank canvas.



  • You can add almost anything to your web page. You can easily incorporate your corporates branding.
  • When building a webpage, you are creating something unique. Your page will be part of your signature. Your business stands out from the crowd
  • Is much more search engine friendly, which helps you achieve the goal of reaching a wider audience. And makes it SEO friendly.
  • It is more adaptable. You can grow this page as you grow your business. And change the features as you want



  • It is more expensive. You probably don’t have enough abilities to build it yourself. You will need to hire a web developer and a designer which are rather expensive.
  • It takes longer to build. It can be months before you get it up and running


WordPress pros and cons

Regardless of the benefits of a custom-made website, you might not need to get one specially made for your business. In many cases (at least more than 30% of the cases apparently) WordPress is a great option for you to have a blog or a site. The fact that WordPress in a ready-built platform doesn’t mean it falls short behind a custom-made site. Actually, in some cases, a WordPress site might look better than a custom made. Since you can customize the theme so it meets your needs, your website will actually perform great and can generate leads easily.

Building a Website-Create a site


  • More budget friendly. So much more. If you are really tight you can use the free themes, however, you can invest a little in premium themes. It isn’t really a huge investment though since they are pretty affordable. You can also have some free add-ons and plugins.
  • Shorter development time. There are some WordPress features in which you can literally do it in minutes. If you have a short frame of time, you will be saving quite some time because the code is there already.
  • Anyone can do it. If you have a minimum knowledge of computers then you can run a WordPress
  • It has plugins for SEO. These will let you have basic SEO additions to any site such as Meta Description.