Instagram has been a revolution that swept social media users by their feet. The app has a huge number of celebrity users with an even bigger base of normal people. The app was first launched only for iOS devices in 2010, and since then has grown into Android and it now has over 1 billion monthly active users. The app was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has kept growing at a faster pace since then. The most liked picture on Instagram is that of an egg and the post has over 50 million likes.

Instagram is one of the front runners in social media marketing now. Many users have partnerships with many brands and they advertise their products for a fee. You could also buy Instagram posts to get a higher online presence for your product. If you would rather promote your own account than purchase posts in someone else’s account, many companies let you buy real Instagram likes.

 Buying Instagram Posts-Instagram

Buying Instagram likes and followers

            Building a strong Instagram audience base from scratch is a long and hard process. Spending that much time to gain an audience is simply not effective for most brands and people. Instead, you could pay companies to get more likes and followers in a short period of time. Thesepay for Instagram likesare slowly gaining traction and many companies are offering these services.

When you purchase these Instagram likes, your posts gain popularity. This could lead to it being featured in the “Explore” page. Also, having a profile that is filled with many highly liked posts will make users more likely to follow you. All this increased popularity has a bonus, you could interest investors, gain more recognition for your brand, or just be more popular.

The other thing that you can purchase is followers. A huge follower base is critical for any brand or individual user. It is indicative of your authority in your niche. Being famous on Instagram has many benefits, if you take the conventional route it will be years before you break into the popular scene. If you rather just purchase your followers, you will be able to gain all the benefits in a short amount of time.


Things you must be careful of

            The online world is not always as cozy as it seems to be. There are many dangerous people out there waiting to exploit your innocence. Thus it is crucial that you be careful when you purchase the likes and followers online. Only use credible websites that have had good reviews to make sure that you are not scammed. Also make sure that you don’t provide your password to the company, just the account name or ID. The companies don’t need your password to get your more likes, thus if they ask for your password they are mostly frauds. Do read through the privacy policy of the company to know how much your privacy is protected and whether they will be disclosing the information you gave them to third parties. Pay only through secure channels and don’t give your card details out if the merchant site seems suspicious, you don’t.  want to be part of an online scam. Most legitimate sites give you instant followers and likes. If you have issues they also have proper customer service channels laid down to sort things out.

The other thing you gotta make sure is the type of followers you buy. Try to only buy active users as having a huge number of passive users is just not useful. Having high-quality followers is essential to build up more organic traffic over time. Compromising on the quality of followers might lead to you not gaining the benefits you expected. Also, keep in mind that you must have likes proportional to your followers. Many users will avoid profiles that have likes not in line with their followers, would you not avoid a profile that has a post with 50,000 likes but not even a thousand followers? Also do not buy fake comments, because the comments are usually are known to be obviously faking and many potential customers will be turned off by that.

Other ways to gain popularity for your brand

            Instead of investing in your own profile to make it more popular over time, there are many other avenues you can follow. You could get started on influencer marketing, you could pay popular Instagram users to advertise your products and services or you could create a partnership with them to promote your brand in the long term. Many users have a very big audience base and will be more than happy to advertise your product for the money. Make sure you pick a user who belongs to your niche, as you don’t want a fashion model advertising your household cleaner. You could also purchase already popular accounts and start using it to advertise. While you might see an initial dip in the number of followers, they should start increasing once you start churning out quality content.

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            Instagram is not going to go for a very long time and will continue to keep growing. The huge base of users makes it a very large market to tap into. While paying Instagram to display your ads might make sense, if you want more engagement from your audience you need to tap into influencer marketing. Selling your products in your account or some other popular account will have a much higher conversion rate than the normal advertisements. Thus make sure you tap into this market and start promoting yourself.