TikTok is a media app for creating and sharing short videos on Android and iOS platforms. TikTok was launched into the international market in 2017, it right now ranks number one in free mobile apps download list in many countries. It has been downloaded over 800 million times worldwide, this is excluding Chinese users too. Chinese users use an alternative known as Douyin, made by the same developers, to comply with censorship restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. The parent company of TikTok purchased musical.ly in 2018 and combined both the apps into a single app by the title TikTok. This app created a much larger user base by combining the existing accounts and data from both the apps. Google news shows many news clips that talk about the influence of TikTok.

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TikTok is proposed to be the next big thing in the Influencer Market. There are many popular TikTok stars who are commanding a huge audience. These people are able to make money from the audience by advertising a few brands and gifts given by their followers. Many brands “purchase” posts from TikTok stars, that is, they pay the TikTok star money to display videos or pictures that will help promote their company with their followers. Rather than the conventional ads, TikTok ads fare much better when they have a comic or interesting twist attached to them. Buying TikTok posts is this becoming a great means to promote brands.

There is one more way to gaining a bigger audience for your brand. Rather than pay TikTok stars to advertise your brand, you can rather become a TikTok star yourself. While this seems foolhardy and extremely time-consuming, there are many companies that provide services to increase your presence in the TikTok market space.


TikTok services

            There are companies on the net that claim to provide TikTok services, do be cautious with them as many of them are just sams. The TikTok services that these companies offer include giving you more likes, more fans, and more views. While it does not seem to make sense to pay money for gaining a bigger audience, it makes sense in a few situations. If you are starting a new account and want to become popular, it will take you a few months to a year to reach the stage. Opting for these services would mean you get a whole lot of followers in a very short time, this also prompts you to get more people to follow you as people are more likely to follow users who are already popular.

TikTok services also help level your playing field. Suppose you have a competitor who has more followers than you because they started branding in TikTok way before you, you don’t want to lose to them because you got started a bit late. These services let you get the followers you need so that you can get on the same level of your competitor in a short period of time. These services can also be used to pacify your ego if you follow more people than the number of people following you. Also as you buy more likes, you are more likely to end up in the trending tab of TikTok. This will, in turn, generate more traffic to your account. You could also use popular hashtags along with purchased likes to reach the trending page of each hashtag.

You must take care before you avail of the services of such companies. Many of them are scams and might take your money by delivering their promises. Avoid companies that ask for your password, as they most likely fraudsters and could misuse your account. A few companies even give a limited number of free Tiktok fans to prove that they are a credible source and can deliver on their promises.


Influencer marketing

            TikTok has many users that will advertise your company for money. They can promote your products or services to their audience. The cost for this depends on the fan following of the user, the product promoted, duration, industry, location, and the engagement rate of their fans. People tend to prefer comic entertaining videos to the conventional ads, these modern ads are also more likely to get featured in the “For You” page of the audience, thus generating more organic traffic for your brand.

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Another way that you can interact with the TikTok stars is by doing brand partnerships with them or inviting them to your events. If the user uses your brand’s products in every video without actively advertising it, even that can lead to more customers being intrigued by your product. You could also arrange a meet with the fans for the user or have him/her perform for them. These activities while being a bit more expensive, will lead to more loyal customers.

You could also promote your product and services in your own user profile once you have built it up. You can sell your merchandise and advertise your services once you have built a big enough audience base and understood the community.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in China, Europe, and the United States. It is critical that you make use of the app. TikTok is yet to get saturated by ads and is cheaper than the other mainstream social media applications. Thus if you invest in TikTok now you will be able to reach your audience at a lower cost. The service is also bound to grow in the next few years, making your investment worthwhile in the long run.