CBD is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. So far, in 2018 consumer of CBD products have surpassed over $500 million dollars in revenue.

Known as cannabidiol, CBD is legal and does not have any narcotic effect. There are a huge array of CBD products that are being offered by companies, such as CBD water, CBD cooking massage and many more.

CBD Cannabis

There are a lot of health benefits that CBD offers. It is believed to be able to treat pain, nausea, cancer, Alzheimer disease, glaucoma, and muscle span. CBD is present in marijuana. However, the issue of legality has become a bone of contention amongst CBD companies. Not only states who are limiting the distribution of CBD but CBD companies are not allowed to advertise on facebook or google.

Both large companies have banned CBD and Marijuana promotions from their sites. Their stance is also similar to tobacco and any paraphernalia related products.

Their reason is simple. Because of the controvery surrounding the CBD oil industry. The legality issue of CBD oil makes it difficult to get approved for a merchant account or advertisement. To encourage uses of CBD oil, there are a lot of CBD companies that offer CBD oil trial offer for their clients.

The fact that CBD is still classified as a drug and is being actively researched by the FDA to determine any health effect. Because of the difficulties that CBD companies face in obtaining a legal way to market their product to their customers, these companies are getting more creative avenues.

There are a lot of online alternatives to getting an advertisement:

  1. Social media account

Using relevant hashtags and content quality in social media have helped several companies to market their brands. There are a lot of CBD companies that created facebook pages to allow users to share and review the companies products. By linking it to the companies’ official webpage, it will also increase the traffic on the main website.

However, using hashtags that contains the words cannabis, THC, hemp or other keywords will cause the profile to be banned.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Of course, this is an away around of not being able to place a direct advertisement on facebook or Instagram. By asking influencers to promote the product on their social media account, the company will increase foot traffic to their product directly. However, picking an influencer in the first place is very essential and important for the company. Once a company uses a certain public figure to promote their product, there is an undeniable tie of the image of that said public figure to the companies’ brand.

  1. Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a traditional way to boost and create traffic to companies’ website. A good webpage content will help companies boost their search engine result.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the common strategies that companies use to market their product to their consumers. There are a lot of ads that can be boosted by the company to increase the traffic to their website. These ads can be specifically targeted to a niche target, based on geography or demography criteria.

Push notifications can be one of the easy alternatives for CBD companies. It is widely accessible for audiences, and they automatically filter audiences that are interested in CBD products. These audiences that are attracted also have a high chance of enganging with the companies products.

  1. Print ads in markets that legalized cannabis

Print ads are one of the effective ways to market the companies products. Of course, this has to be done in markets and places where the products are accessible to the market in order for this avenue to be effective.

  1. CBD events

What other way to market your way other than marketing it in CBD events? There are a couple of CBD events that are held regularly. In these events, companies can almost be guaranteed that they will be able to engage the whole participant of the event itself.

CBD Cannabis

Not only that CBD companies have limited access to advertising companies, but they also have very little accessibility to merchant provider that takes CBD payments. There are a few of online providers were reluctant to accept CBD merchants. Not only that, there are many credit cards prossesors and banks that suddenly decided to shut down their accounts. That is very unfortunate considering that CBD oil credit card offers or promotions would certainly help market their products.