The era of hard drives or pen drives is long besides us. Nowadays there is so much information we need to store, that the old systems are just not satisfying our needs. One of the main problems why the transition to the cloud appeared is that in case of an accident with the lost of the external drives, all the data disappeares. So another ingenious solution appeared in the form of the cloud platforms.

While this trend is for a couple of years now, as the whole internet is growing as fast as the power of thought, you need to be kept updated with the newest information on the cloud services in 2019.

Cloud Services-Man and Cloud

There are cloud services provided for individuals, as for business also. Like in every other domain, there is a competition on which are the best rating cloud services, which we will speak briefly about.

Top cloud services

  1. Google Drive

I am sure absolutely everybody heard of Google Drive. Even if you want or not want it, if you have a gmail account, you are hooked with the Google Drive also. It was lunched in 2012 and in March 2017 it gathered more then 800 millions of active users, offering today one of the top cloud services.

Google Drive is maybe one of the best cloud platforms but it is not specifically business oriented and it has its minus points on syncing features, backup and security options.

It gives a 15GB free storage for home-users, which for most of the people is more then enough.


One of the top points of sync is the restoring of the deleted files. So in case something is gone by accident, no need to cry for days, it didn’t go in a black hole. With sync is quite easy to recuperate the information.

As it name suggests, it offers fast syncing, but also a great interface with no third parties tools. It protects the privacy, having end to end encryption. This gives a security that the stored data is super safe and 100% private.

By far, nne of the best parts is in the privacy. If most of the other cloud storage providers can access your files, with sync’s end to end encrypted platform, only you can do this. Nobody else can read or scan your documents.

As for mobile applications, it covers offers iOS and Android, being also available for Windows and Mac. The Linux users are not so fortunate though.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox company was released 12 years ago, in 2007 and in 2016 had half of billion of users, just 300.000 less then the enormous Google Drive.

It has a super friendly interface, making it easy to use. The capacity is just 2GB free, but for a subscription, it can be upgraded. One of the great things about Dropbox is the back up feature.

Cloud Services-Computer

  1. Pcloud

pCloud has a amazing storage space – 2TB, making it unique! For individuals, it offers 10GB free space. It has a super great photos resizing option, without the necessity of having an extra software to work with.

In 2016, after just three years of existence, it gathered 6 millions users, which is a great news for a newbie, being present in the rating cloud services.

  1. iCloud

For the apple users, there is iCloud, which is maybe the best option for them regarding cloud platforms. It offers 5GB free and it is super simple to use for storing safely documents or sharing them with family or other Apple friends. In February 2016, it had 782 millions users, almost as much as Google Drive!

Free cloud platforms

If you want to give it a try for the beginning, you can choose a free provider. Some examples are Dropbox (2gb), iCloud (5gb), Google Drive (15gb) or (50gb). Just remember, that free isn’t always the best option! It has lots of limitations also. For an individual user it might work, but for your business you might need something else.

Hybrid cloud

There are some trends in 2019 for the cloud platform. As more and more businesses are using them and find that moving the hosting and computing is quite difficult, there is a new need for a hybrid cloud. This cloud service responds to the need of mixing a third party public cloud and a private cloud.

Cloud Services-Many Services

As a matter of fact, enterprises related, the trend is to have different cloud services from more parties, which will especially benefit big companies like Oracle, Alibaba, Google or IBM. Between the most famous hybrid cloud storage providers, I would name Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Continuing the trend of last year, in 2019 the multi clouds strategies will grow even more, as every big company has different applications that are running on separate clouds. What will be the new year change is just to try to consolidate this and to make it into a planned model, instead of being just a chaotic.

Of course, being multi cloud happens by default, but with this matter having more the need to be more intentional, it takes a lot of planning regarding  in particular the hybrid cloud infrastructure and the multi-cloud.