Just imagine the world twenty years back only smart and extrovert people had a way better chance of becoming a millionaire in this world. To start a company, one had to hire many employees, or to if you are a creative person and interested in starting a career in music, arts or in Acting You Had to See Every Person in the Industry So That People Could Know You and Your hidden skills. Although competition is still higher and touching skies today you can start your business from your kitchen table, from your couch, during your leisure time and during holidays as well.

Maybe it sounds quite dramatic to you, but it is a reality, you have to believe in it. In this connection, the first name which you need to know is chandler bolt which just at the age of twenty- one started a business and earn more than $ 1 million. Yes, I think you guess it eight he was the person to give the idea of online marketing.


Online Marketing

You may define online marketing as;

Any effort, tool, strategy or method of getting the company name to the public using the internet.

You can say that it could be anything to grab people’s attention, more people to view and visit the tour website and hopefully at the same point tempt them to buy it.

Categories of Online Marketing

There are seven major categories of online marketing that I want to share with you.

Search Engine Marketing

It is a paid version. Different marketers pay Google to display ads in their search engine to get more eyeballs.

Content Marketing

In this version, marketers create media and content to future customers.

Social Media Marketing

In this sort of marketing people use several social media channels to interact with customers.

Per Click Advertising

It is also known as PPC in short form. In this type of marketing, many social media networks allow you to create an advertisement and pay for every click to your website.

Affiliate Marketing

In this type of marketing different marketers promote each other’s product and in that way share their profits.

E-Mail Marketing

This category of marketing although consider as an old -school but it is still the most effective one. If your customer allows you to contact you can send him/her a mail through electronic media to buy your services.


Discussing about the online marketing one of the dynamic online market place for freelancing service is Fiverr. Fiverr is the world largest market place for professional, skillful services which is free of cost just you have access to the internet, and you should have good creativity.

How to Start Selling On Fiverr

It is simply a cup of tea for everyone you just have to;

  1. Create A Gig

You just need to sign up which is free of cost, set up your gig and offer your work to the world.

  1. Logo Design

Keep in mind that your logo design should be attractive.

  1. Business Tools

These tools help you to manage your projects on Fiverr. These tools include;

  • Upgraded invoicing
  • VIP customer support
  • Transparency
  • Add team members.


It is a legal right that offers the owner of an original work some special rights so that the creator has the liberty to choose that where and under what circumstances others could use his/her original work.

Fiverr-Laptop and money

Copyrights on Fiverr

There are Fiverr copyrights also if someone tries to steal these copyrights, i.e., try to copy your work, that violation is known as copyright infringement. On this platform of Fiverr, every buyer is provided all rights for their creativity. These legal rights are reserved unless and until the creator allows it on the gig.

Copyright License

One can enjoy this license only when the owner himself allows to use his original work or sometimes a part of it. In this license includes distributing, showing, changing, performing or copying a work which is already copyrighted. Generally, this license is for a limited time; sometimes permission is also granted for a specific area.

Protected By Copyright

  • It could be some online videos.
  • Any musical composition.
  • It could be a painting, poster or any advertisement.
  • Copyrights can also protect photographs.

Can Fiverr Determine Copyright Ownership

Fiverr is a global platform used in more than one ninety countries but is not able to intervene or resolve or determine copyrights dispute. It could only remove any content reported to be infringing.

How to Write Gig on Fiverr

The gig is basically a service which is given to buyers by the sellers on Fiverr.

Here are a few steps on how to write a GIG on the Fiverr;

Gig Title

  • Make an eye-catching title to attract buyers.
  • For example; I will make a PROFESSIONAL logo for you.
  • Gig title must not be the same as of others freelancers on the Fiverr.

Select Category

  • Select the category you are best at and are willing to provide services on Fiverr.


Select Tags

Select keywords relating to the services you are providing

  • For example; Adobe Illustrator, Graphic designing, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop.

Description of the Gig

Provide an eye-catching description of the gig to the profile you will be given to the buyers so that you will get maximum orders.

Scope and Pricing

There are three standards of pricing BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM.

  • You should select a basic pricing option when you are a new seller as the competition is very tough here you should try to give the best quality in low price till the time you are not a level 2 seller.


Fill Up the Packages

Fill the packages you are willing to give to the buyers according to the category you chose.


  • It must be an appealing eye
  • To make the profile appealing, it must be animated video to attract buyers and to get more orders from customers.
  • The profile must not be the same or similar to the other seller.


Requirements from Buyers

  • Give the description that you want from buyers when they have to make any order from you.

Gig Verification

  • After all this process it will go on approval and verification.



In the end, it’s a user guide; this article helps you to write a gig on Fiverr. While getting a proper understanding of Fiverr copyright its license and ownership.