Cryptocurrency as a new niche for affiliate marketing 


Cryptocurrency is decentralized and safe system of blocks with data based on the blockchain technology. Due to the fact the subject is rather tough there were not much people who knew what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or blockchain were a few years ago. Actually, mostly computer geeks were aware of it.


However, today you can see that most of the people are aware of cryptocurrency and enthusiasm about the subject is rather high. Thus, nowadays you can see many crypto related resources and projects that need to be promoted, and here we come to the affiliate marketing in crypto.

How did crypto appeared on the scene?

This section is not about the way the crypto was created or the blockchain technology description. It is about how crypto related projects have arisen. It started mainly in 2017 when the price of a Bitcoin has made more than 4000$ and rose up to 15000$. News media blew up with the Bitcoin news, and other cryptocurrencies have become popular as well.


However, now the interest is not as high as that time there was hype – the price of BTC has dropped dramatically. In the meantime the start of the numerous crypto related projects was launched.


Nowadays there are many investing, trading and other types of projects related to crypto; and when there will be another BTC bubble, when its price will rise dramatically again – there will be even more demand on it.

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How to reach audience of potential crypto enthusiasts? 


You can see that there are many themed resources launched, and still the demand on crypto related information is not being satisfied fully. Any news with word ‘crypto’ becomes more popular than any other.


So in order to attract more traffic you need to place content about:


  • how to earn on crypto;
  • new crypto projects;
  • crypto news;
  • newsmakers that recognize crypto.

Gambling, trading, mining, ICO and investments


There are many projects engaged in affiliate marketing and related to crypto thematic. And below you can see the list of the types of projects you may be offered to promote:


  • Gambling is a traditionally popular industry, and appearance of cryptocurrency allowed removing any kinds of limitations when it comes to financial information and anonymity, so there are many gambling websites that claim to have cryptocurrency payments as the competitive advantage;
  • There have been much said about trading and exchange of cryptocurrency, so there are many crypto markets and brokers on these markets that need their projects and services to be promoted;
  • As there are many cryptocurrencies mining is still popular, so there are many pools and mining communities that need new members, and that is where an affiliate marketer may be needed;
  • Most of the investment projects offer many services, including the crypto related ones, and thus they need new customers and services of affiliate marketers


So, actually, there are many projects launched and most of those are evolving on the basis of affiliate marketing.

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Then why Facebook blocks crypto related ads?

Not all of them, actually. The thing is due to the hype, there were organized many scams and it is rather hard to moderate them, so all of the crypto related subjects except informational were banned from Facebook. You cannot just say that you have an investment project in Facebook ads, you need to say that you offer education services on how to earn on cryptocurrency for your ad to be moderated properly.


So there is a trust issue that is needed to be solved when you pour traffic on crypto subjects, especially if you work in a CPA or CPL model.

Other traffic sources for crypto projects 


The regular ones actually. However, there is one that is one of the most popular and expanding when it comes to crypto – Telegram chat. There are many Telegram channels started by crypto enthusiasts with tens of thousands of subscribers and this is a perfect place to pour traffic from.


Themed resources also would be a good place to get traffic from. What works with crypto is showing expertise and clear results.

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