After a super year in 2017 where the Bitcoin reached its pick of more then 20.000$ and a disappointing year in 2018, going back to 4000$, everybody that invested is hoping that Bitcoin will come back at least half where it used to be.

The trend for 2019 is to push it, push it and push it even more and to wait for more individuals, companies nd institutions to join the crypto train as it is running.

In 2018, most of the people lost the faith in the crypto and the promised land, so they started selling their currencies. This cleared the market. 2019 is a time to buy back!

Crypto Predictions-Bitcoin

Crypto goes in waves. One step ahead, two steps behind. Or opposite. It is always good to analyze the human behavior with crypto. Because when people are on the wave, and they get excited of how high the currency is, they start buying. And when people see is dropping, they are selling it. Wrong strategy. In business is good not to be emotional. A very good advice is to buy when everybody is selling and to sell when everybody is buying.

Generally, the Crypto 2019 predictions tend to be optimistic, but in a cautious way, and not at all similar to the over excitement from 2018. If 14 months ago, the predictions were dreaming for the Bitcoin to reach 100.000$, that just didn’t happen for everybody’s surprise. We are still optimistic, but in a careful way now for the  Crypto Predictions.


The new commers, even if they have lost, they didn’t gave up. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finances released a study demonstrating that in 2018, the amount of verified crypto users is higher with 50%. This is a hint that this people are intending to invest for long term, speculating the market.

The lower price, made that the number of active users to grow with more then one percent every year, from 35% in 2016 to 38% at the end of 2018.


All over the world, they started growing more and more bitcoin ATM installations. With a 25% increase, they reached more then 14.000 in 2018!


Now, that the 20.000$ doesn’t sound so intimidating, new comers can also join the crypto world. The market had open up for new speculators say the Crypto Predictions. For example, the institutions didn’t want to buy with this ridiculous high price. They are waiting for the price to drop down in order to invest. So big players, like institutions are still waiting to enter.

Crypto Predictions-Diagrams

Two of the new institution coming are TD Ameritrade and Fidelity, having in total 36 million customers!

At this moment, there are just 5.000.000 BTC wallets. If the number will become 7 times bigger, changes will also come!


Delphi Digital published a research evidencing that the main sellers in 2018 were from the old investors. The ones that were keeping the coins for 3 – 5 years, speculating the market.

It seems that the new comers are still here, becoming the long term investors of tomorrow.


For everybody the bitcoin dominance in the crypto business is clear as water. The chart of the growth of bitcoin is influencing all the other altcoins. This trend will also be followed in the Crypto 2019

But a price on the Bitcoin is hard to estimate, if not impossible. Nobody is daring to say a number after the last year’s prediction failure.


EOS which supposed the long waited star, the one that will overcome even ETH, still stays on the highest place on the Chineese rankings for 2019, according to the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is followed closely by its big brother Ethereum as number 2. Bitcoin on the other hand, has moved a bit further then thre previous year, but it sill on place number 18.


One of the main difference between the traditional market and the blockchain is that things in crypto move exceptionally fast. If in 2018, we could count over 1000 tokens, the number will fur sure increase

Crypto Predictions-Hand,light,bitcoin


With this volatility being present, there is a clear need for new stable coins that will keep their value, regardless of the market fluctuations. Tether is one of  them at this moment, but the Crypto 2019 predictions say that new stable coins will enter the market. The difference between the traditional assets and the crypto stable coin is that the crypto one is not connected to any bank.


The beginning of 2019 is still offering the opportunity to enter at the lowest price it has been in years and to have a word to say as a long term investor. There is no real reason to worry about the price drop out. There were other progressed being made and the people still keep an interest on the Crypto 2019.

We are still in the beginning of the crypto world, where we can see only the top of the iceberg. The true nature  of the revolution is not yet for us to see. As the internet from 1990 is totally different from the 2019 one, so is the progress of Bitcoin and the crypto market in just 10 years of existence.