A lot of people are asking the Google Certificate worth it questions online, and that’s for a very good reason. You don’t always know if you need the Google Certificate for AdWords or not, and that can be very confusing most of the time. Which is why we are here for you, to clear up if there’s any real need for a Google AdWords Certificate or not.

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When do you need an AdWords Google Certificate?

What you need to keep in mind here is that Google will not require a certificate if you just want to use AdWords for your business. If you’re just promoting your business on your own, then you just have to create an account and use the service.

However, the Google AdWords certification importance appears when you want to make digital marketing your main focus. Basically, if you want to provide digital marketing services, you will be required to get the Google Certificate for AdWords, otherwise you will not be able to do this legally. You can still offer the service until you get caught, but it’s obviously better and more professional to get certified as fast as possible.

Are there any Google Certification benefits?

There are some benefits you can obtain, yes. For example, you will improve your practical application and knowledge regarding AdWords. You will also receive a Google-branded certificate that you can add to your blog, CV, website or anywhere you want to advertise your services. And on top of that, you will have a dedicated Google Profile which shows you are certified and you can share that with your clients.

If you’re a part of an agency or if you manage other accounts, then the certification program gives you training materials, marketing materials, as well as promotional coupons and other stuff. So while it’s not exactly mandatory to get certified, more often than not this is the best way to avoid problems and obtain the results you want without any worries.

How can you get certified?

You will need to go to the Google Academy for Ads and study all the information that they provide there. They will also let you know how and when you can take the exams. Ideally you want to prepare for the exams online as there are many options and ideas here. And it’s just a better, simpler option as you prepare for the certification as a whole.

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In the end, getting a Google Certificate for AdWords is very helpful and useful if you want to work in digital marketing. It shows that you are a true professional and you are committed to bringing in the ultimate value and support. It’s a great opportunity to get certified from Google. But keep in mind that the exams can be tough, so it’s important to know what you are getting into. Lots of preparation and tests are needed to pass the exam, but you can get some amazing results if you prepare adequately.