The first step of the website development is searching a domain name and getting it registered. No matter how easy it might seem to you, searching the perfect domain name for your website could be very challenging, though. First, there are hundreds or thousands of domain name variations. Second, not all those names are available for use.

There are chances that you may choose a domain name for your website, but the name has already been registered by some other person. Also, if you are new to web-hosting, chances are that you end up picking up the wrong name for your domain.

Furthermore, a domain name is the web address of any website, and it could impact the traffic on your website. Are you now understanding the complication of domain name search? But worry less, here are few tips and tricks that can make your search easy and less hectic for you.

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How Can You Get A Domain Name?

You can either search for a domain name or can buy it from different web hosting service providers. Most people prefer to buy domain name because it is not only easy to get a name this way but is also quick and hassle-free.

Almost all the web hosting providers a free registration mechanism in return for signing up them. They also offer different registration duration for the domain. But keep in mind that the free registration can last only for a year or in some case two years, after which the registrar start charging you for the domain. Plus, you will need a web host to run your domain.

On the other hand, the search for the domain name is challenging and daunting, though but the benefit of having a domain search is that you don’t need a web host for the domain. Name search for the domain is also less expensive than purchasing it from a provider.


Factors To Consider When Searching Name for Your Domain

Since the name of your domain is going to be the name and web address of your website, it is mandatory to choose a good name. The reason is simple, the name of any website is its identity and has an impact on the audience.

The challenge is to ensure that the name is good, valid and appropriate. But how? Following are some factors that can help you get a good reasonable domain name for your website.


A Simple Domain Name Anatomy

A good website name is easy to remember, type and search. It would be easy for someone to remember the website name if it is unique, creative, short and catchy. The longer the name of the website will be the less customer will remember about the website.

Hence, make sure that the name of your website is easy to type, pronounce and it does not have any symbols such as hyphens, commas, etc.


Choose the Suffix for the Name Carefully:

A web address is a combination of a domain name and a suffix like .com, .edu, etc. If you want a strong, impressive name it is important for you to understand the need for a suffix. A wrong suffix can easily ruin the charm of your domain name.

The most common suffix that can be used for any website is “.com”. Although if you think that some other suffix will be more appropriate for your website, just go for it.  But remember one thing, that popular suffix is quite expensive.

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Look for More Than One Domain Name:

As you already know there are chances that the name you searched or selected has already taken by another person. It would be wise to think of more than one names for your website. It will not only save time but also disappointment. With more than one domain names in mind, there are fewer chances that the name is already registered.


Check the Availability:

Once you are done with the name search or then next step is to check its availability. In case you are purchasing the domain name, you may not need to check its availability, because, the registrar will only provide you the names that are not already taken.

To check the availability of a domain name, you simply take the name under consideration and then adds the suffix extension to it. And search for its availability. The name left to the dot is known as the second level domain, while .com or any other suffix is known as the top level domains.

This option is available on the web hosting websites, where you can check the availability of the name for free of cost.

Claim your Domain Name:

The last step of the name search for the domain is to claim it. It means you need to make your domain name the trademark for your brand. Also, you have to check that no one already has a trademark on this domain name.

These factors and tips will not only make the name search for domain easy but will help you to get the desired domain name for your business website.