A website is a representative or face of the business on the internet. A good website has a strong impact on the growth & promotion of the business. But as there are certain legal and ethical guidelines for a real-world company, there are some legal requirements for a website too.

When someone wants to incorporate a company, they are required to get its registration first. Similarly, when a business wants to develop a website, they need to register a domain first. Domain registration is one of the crucial legal requirements for website development.

registration of the domain is not a difficult or long process. But if you are creating the website first time, it might be confusing for you. This article provides basic information on how you can register your domain.

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What Does Registering Domain Mean?

Registration of domain is all about choosing a valid, legal, and unique name. The domain name registration is about two things, making a decision about what will be the name of your website and how do you plan to claim it. It is an important decision because the domain name is going to be the web address of the website.

When you are done deciding the name for your website, the next step is to register & claim it. Here are some steps that can make your registration process quick and easy.


Step 1- Search or Purchase the Domain Name:

While searching a domain name is daunting, you can easily purchase the domain names. Anyone who wants to purchase a domain name can get one from register com. Just pay the fee and you can get a name. Well, of course, you can’t just buy any name.

Even though you are paying a price for the name, the registrar will only issue the names that are not already registered.


Step 2 – Add The Right Suffix:

The suffix factor is used to identify the domain name with a specific top-level domain (TLD). The TLDs means “.com, .game, .net, .edu, .hiphop, .org, and .green” that comes at the end of a website name.

Each TLD indicates a specific nature of the website, for example, ‘.com’ is designed for the commercial sites. It is included in almost all the websites these days, though. A domain name with the right type of suffix or TLD can create the best web address.


Step 3 – Find Web Hosting Services:

There is no need to find an exclusive name registration services for your website. There are many web hosting services that provide the name registration services for free as a part of their sign up process, in a web hosting package.

Note that, the web hosting services provide Free names for your domain for 1 or 2 years only. Once the free period is over, the registrar will either charge you annually or biennially for the domain name.

Another thing to remember when registering your domain is to check for any fee charges for the domain name. Usually, the web hosts provide an already existing domain name, but there might be a case where they charge you some extra fee for assigning a name, in addition to the registration fee.


Step 4 – Select a Registration Period:

Domain registrars offer the registration for a variety of durations, that can last up to one, two, three, five and ten years. It might be tempting to sign up for a longer duration, but there are high risks of losing the domain in such cases.

If you sign up for a period of more than 1 year, you will be not able to transfer the name even if the registrar provides poor services. Furthermore, there is a possibility that your registrar shut down its web hosting, rendering your domain without a host.

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Step 5 – Get a Domain Contract:

Keep one thing in mind that the domain you have purchased it not going to be yours forever. A domain contract has a number of factors that could affect you. Hence stay very certain about the contract. Before you sign the contract with the registrar, go through the policies and terms of the contract.

Step 6 – Be Patient:

The domain is not instantly available for you to use after the registration process. It can either take a few hours or several days before the domain is made available to you. If your domain is not available its registration, don’t panic and wait for a few more hours or days.

Normally, it takes around 48 hours before the website domain is ready for you to use. The registrar will update you about the domain has been updated with your website’s name and is ready to use.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Domain Name?

Based on the popularity of a name, a domain name can either be too expensive or cheap. If the name and suffix (TLD) of your web-address is simple and common one, then the registrar I charge one dollar per year. Too cheap? Don’t get too excited here. Because if you have chosen a name & suffix that is popular and highly desired, then prepare yourself for paying a big amount. A popular suffix and name can cost up to $350.