Man is known to be a social animal. He cannot live without interacting with people of its kind. The best place for interacting with people is a market where we find different people from different places and cultures. Trading has always been the best way to interact with different people, and it has facilitated man a lot to learn how to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds.
In old times, different methods were used to make the trade. Barter was the first and foremost way of doing trade by the people. It is done in a way that people used to exchange goods and services for other goods and services. In barter, there was no medium of exchange involved for example money.
People often confuse barter trade and money trade to be the same, but they are different from each other. The primary difference is that barter is a trade with goods and services while trading using medium called money is money trade.

Drop Shipping-Shipping Model


As time passes and technology improves, the man also improves and changes its way of doing things. Same as with time, people switched from barter to money trade. Money is in the form of paper currency or metal or copper coins.
The first thing people used as currency were rocks. They used to trade things in exchange for rocks, and those rocks had their own significant value.
Even now a day’s barter is not fully eliminated from the market, but the rate of making barter trade has now significantly decreased. Barter trade is taxable even though money is not involved but indirectly as the goods exchanged are taxed.

There are different channels through which trade is made. People do trade through water channels, by road and also through the air. All this costs a man a higher sum of money as there is also carriage outward cost involved and the cost for vehicles that are being used to transfer goods from one place to another place.

Other than the carriage vehicles cost, storage costs have always been significant problems mostly for the entrepreneurs who are running their businesses at a small scale. Where there is a problem, there is a solution, and Man is also known as a problem solver. So to this problem, people also invented a solution.
Instead of keeping big stores and paying storage costs, people started to trade without keeping the product.
In trade, the basic components are a customer, seller, and the supplier. People started trading in such a way that when a customer gives an order, the seller ships the product directly to the customer after buying it from its supplier. This way of trading goods is known as drop shipping.

Drop shipping

Now a day, drop shipping business is one of the most convenient ways of making the trade as this has reduced the expenses of traders to a significantly low level.
What differentiates it from typical trading is that in this method, sock or the inventory is not kept by the trader but the stock demanded is purchased and supplied directly to the customer. We can say that the merchant works as a middle man.

Importance of Dropshipping

Many traders appreciate drop shipping business because it has benefits of its own. The main purpose of a business is to maximize profits and minimize loss or expenses. Drop shipping business is successfully doing this.

Not a Lot of Capital Is Required

As we stated, there is no need to keep stores because inventory is not kept. This cuts off the cost of building stores or renting them. This reduces the need for large capital investment by the retailer.
Therefore the drop shipping business can be started easily with a small amount of money in the pocket.

Drop Shipping-Earth and Plane

 Easy To Manage

In dropshipping, the merchant is not entitled to deal with the products himself. Therefore it is way easier to manage than a normal typical business.

Fewer Expenses

Drop shipping business has reduced the expenses that are normally incurred in a typical business.
It is mostly online, and all we have to do is to keep a computer system and can work at any place easily.

Ways to Start Dropshipping Business

Just as the drop shipping business is easier to manage, it also easy to start as well.
Drop shipping companies make easy money with this business. Businesses with the least expenses and maximum profits are ideal, and this drop shipping business gives us the best representation of it.

Usually, the question that arises in people’s mind is that it is safe to can you make money from drop shipping? The answer is yes because all the transactions are done using the online banking system and the products are not ordered to the supplier by the retailer until he/she has not received the money. To make profit successfully the only thing one needs to do it good management and good planning. Following basic steps can lead a retailer to profit-making drop shipping business easily:

A Creative Idea


Creativity plays a vital role when you are trying to make money. Selecting a powerful niche is not enough. It is important to decide keenly first that what product you want to sell and One should also know how to represent its products with creative and innovative marketing techniques.

Trusted Suppliers


After you have decided what you are going to trade, the next step is from where you are going to get the things. In this business, the retailer has not physically seen the product, that’s why it is very important to have a trusted supplier so that the quality will not disappoint the customer d you won’t lose it.

Creation of E-Store

Drop Shipping-Balloon

Drop shipping business is managed online. Therefore having an E-Store which is known to be a website through which the retailer runs their business is of great importance. Because on its website, the products are displayed.


In the end, all we need is good management to run a profitable drop shipping business in the drop shipping market. And few ways are mentioned above in the article which you can follow to get started in 2019.