email marketingPatience is bitter, but it’s fruits is sweet.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


E-mail promotion is one of the most effective and easy instruments of internet marketing. Actually, it’s the only mean that enables you to contact with potential clients directly and try to make them get immediate actions. If well designed, e-mail promotion can attract attention to your product or service and present its advantages in the most complete form. You can inform your customers about new products, sales and special discounts. Attractive appearance with your logo, pictures and pleasant colors will make your brand recognizable and soon your sales may go up. On the other hand, not thought up and badly built e-mail promotion can easily turn into an annoying spam that people will try to get rid of.

Thus, a well-developed and personalized e-mail promotion gives the following advantages:
–   Decreasing of promotion costs;
–   Reducing of time spent on promotion as the whole process is automated;
–   Your potential customers get the actual information regularly – and thus they can react on it in time;
–   Having an actual clients’ base, you can make your e-mail promotion much more efficient by sending e-mails for particular groups of people.

In many cases e-mail promotion is much more effective than other ways of internet marketing like banners, text links or social network promotion. Sometimes banners become so irritating that many people shut them off in their browsers. Text links can be very effective and sometimes is they only way of promotion – although they are not as attracting as banners. Unlike banners or links, e-mail promotion is aimed directly to the target auditory and results in their real actions. However, spreading information in social networks is also directed to a particular audience, but actually it is connected with too much risks and time costs. For applying ads in social networks you have to spend much time to create a profile, form a list of contacts and make yourself interesting to others. Moreover, social networks are based on communication – and thus you have to spend additional time on regular checking of accounts – and any disgruntled employee or customer may publish a negative comment you won’t be able to remove. Email promotion doesn’t need time costs and usually exclude recipients’ intercommunication.

Email marketing AdsMainEffective e-mail promotion is impossible without email lists of target auditory – those who can be interested in your propositions. You can either make email lists by yourself or buy them from a specialized company. Depending on the main criteria of email promotion, lists can be sorted in various ways – like profession, interests, geography, age, gender of potential recipients, etc.

There’s a great variety of internet marketing software you can apply for an efficient email promotion.

The most developed are supplied with tools for analysis of the recipients’ reaction on your e-mails, opportunities for better delivery, templates for easier and more effective organization of your information. Among the most popular are following apps:
Mail communicator” – robust tool with user-friendly interface that has many modules for efficient and unobtrusive ads. Its tools include all you may need for an efficient promotion – like mail list management, auto-responder, unsubscribing, e-mail tracking and many others.
MailChimp” – serving over 400,000 users per day it’s one of the leading promotion applications. Beyond an impressive list of opportunities this app has a unique ability to integrate with some other services like PayPal, Twitter, Google Contacts and so on.
Pure360” presents Google Analytics tools which give fantastic opportunities – you’ll know the source of your email traffic or reaction of people on your e-mails. As almost any app of a kind, “Pure360” has a trial period – after that you’ll have to pay for a setup, monthly using and additionally – for each email delivery.
Mad Mimi” – an easy to use app creating bright and thoughtful designs in minutes. You can manage your emails list simply – suitable functions of bounces and unsubscribes, list segmentation and others help to form a list of really interested people.
dotMailer” – an simple and clever tool that is applicable for small businesses as well as for advanced marketing companies. It enables to create and edit e-mail template with just drug-and-drop. It has enough tools for reporting and analysis, and also for working with email lists.

Everyone connected with internet marketing must follow few simple and efficient rules that are essential for any positive email promotion. Here are just some of them:
–   Send e-mails not more than once per week – otherwise people won’t accept your information as something fresh and interesting;
–   Write e-mails without any spammy words like “urgent”, “order now”, “free of charge”, etc. – as these phrases will make your recipients aspire to unsubscribe from your emails.
–   Include the name of your company or brand in the topic of your messages – so that customers will more probably open e-mail and read it;
–   Personalize your e-mails – this will significantly improve the efficiency of your e-mail promotion.

Email marketingBesides marketing rules there are obligatory laws that must be obeyed by each email marketer. This rules set out in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Among the most essential is an ability of recipient to unsubscribe from undesirable e-mails, get e-mails with acceptable topic and content.

On one side, e-mail promotion is among the easiest ways of internet marketing that doesn’t take much time or money and brings the first results comparably soon. From the other side, you should be especially careful when applying this tool – as it can easily turn into an annoying spam for your recipients and they’ll try to get rid of it as soon as they can.