Even if you are a big brand already or just a freelancer newbie, you need to keep up with experimenting the ecommerce. If you are successful in marketing your business today, this doesn’t guarantee you glory for tomorrow also. In business you always have to keep up and learn from the ecommerce trends 2019 to maintain yourself  alive.

Although the main website can be fine for making sales, the landing page adds the extra touch, having the purpose to attract new people, to present them the special offers and direct them to the product page, in order for them to finish their shopping and to bring you profit.

eCommerce Landing-Button

You just don’t land on one of this pages by accident, as you might think the titles mean. But rather it is a stand alone page that tries to convince customers to go to the final step of taking action and shopping.

Fast Loading

We analyze the past so we can improve our e-business in 2019. Two years ago, Edwin Toonen, an experienced writer and manager for Yoast wrote that the average time a person needs to see if he remains on a website page or not is just 3 seconds. In 2017, an average ecommerce landing page was more then 20 seconds! As people are very impatient, they want everything to happen now, there is no way that they are going to wait 22 seconds. That’s why one of the most important SEO trend is speed. It is crucial to spend a lot of time in making the page as fast loading as possible.


Don’t forget. An image is equal to 1000 words. An image is an incredible powerful tool to attract people. So here are some very intuitive simple tips & tricks to design your landing page:


You don’t need to make it complicated at all with lots of banners, videos or images. In fact, the most difficult part of creating a landing page is to make it as simple as possible. Just don’t forget in your simplicity to remember to include the most basic needed information about your business – like the contact and the next / learn more button.


You got just 3 seconds to convince the person viewing it to take action. So make sure you construct an image easy to remember and intriguing enough, that awakes curiosity in the viewer and makes him move further.

eCommerce Landing-Laptop and gadjets

Move into action

The whole purpose is that the simple visitor becomes your customer. So include in your ecommerce landing page design the buttons that you need to be pressed in order to succeed with the transformation. Some buttons ideas are: follow, subscribe, buy, learn more, join or download, according to your personal business.



Mobile friendly

I might repeat myself, but it is very important to underline the importance of a mobile friendly landing page version. On a time, when almost 60% of all search queries go through mobile devices, you might take your extra time to build a fast loading page that is easy visible on mobiles. This is one of  the most important Ecommerce trends 2019.


One of the difference between the product website page and the ecommerce landing page consist in that the last one is not really SEO optimized. But with all this, you still need to write a simple code in order for the page to load as fast as possible.

Engage with the visitors

So assume that the visitors are already on your landing page. So you just need to keep them there and engage. Try to convince them not to go to another place. And always go for their emotions, instead of trying to give logic arguments why they should chose you.

eCommerce Landing-Plan

Create a trust brand

You want visitors to trust you. So make sure you include complete information like contact and a few basics about your business. Also, a very good tip is to add some testimonials. If you can manage to get a testimonial from a famous person, it is perfect. If not, find out whom your visitors are trusting and try to bring some valuable quotes from there. Just a short example to explain myself. If you are having a natural health business, just add some opinions on your products from a doctor or nurse and it will be a top hit!

Visual content convinces the most

We all judge by appearances. Maybe we try not to, but in the end, the truth is that we all do it. It is irrelevant that you have the best product in the world in your main website. Maybe you really offer the most ingenious services. If you don’t have a proper visual content that can convince in a couple of seconds, your business is going to fail. Try to invest as much as possible in high quality images or videos. Underlining the headlines with in tone colors is also a good idea for one of the best Ecommerce landing page best practices.