Why Should I Pay For Traffic? 

Many websites and business owners are really concerned about getting traffic to their website. The reason? The more traffic, the more you can ad advertisement to your blog or the more you can effectively market your product.

There are a couple of types of traffic, such as:

  1. Referral Traffic, which occurs when a person found your website or webpage after clicking through a page that links to your page.
  2. Social Traffic, occurs from social networks such as facebook, Instagram, or twitter.
  3. Organic Traffic is obtained naturally through organic result of the search engine.
  4. Paid Traffic, comes from paying search engines or advertising site to influence the audience to click to your page.
  5. Email Traffic comes from e-mail marketing.

In this article, I will be talking more about free vs paid traffic.

There are a couple of ways to attract traffic to your webpage freely such as:

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing focuses on the quality of the content of the web page itself. They tend to focus on their niche audiences and build upon the contents that would attract that type of audience.

Free Or Paid Traffic-Web Traffic

  1. SEO

What is SEO? It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web site. SEO refers to the organic way of increasing traffic.

There are two main parameters that define the SEO of your website; on-page and off-page. This two-parameter will later determine your page rank based on various sub-parameters.

The simple formula to increase your SEO is by providing backlinks to your website.

To increase your rank in the search engine takes a lot of time and continuous effort. Not to mention that the search engine keeps on changing its algorithm. Once they change their algorithm, it could result in a waste of resources and result.


On the contrary, there is a lot of affiliate marketer that used paid traffic to boost their website.

There are a couple of types paid traffic;

  1. Ad traffic

These type of traffic is generated from users clicking on banners, adverts, pop-ups, and videos. Unlike another form of traffic, such as pay per click, advertisers usually charge one per thousand impressions (CPM).

Websites or businesses that have high conversion rates usually prefers to use ad traffic. However, ad traffic could not guarantee that it would be effective.

  1. Pay Per Click Traffic

These type of traffic charge their users when someone clicks their advertisement. These type of advertisement helps businesses to maximize the number of their ROI.

  1. Flat Rate

There is a couple of paid traffic which levy flat rate for their services regardless of the click that you obtain.

  1. Pay per Acquisition

The rate in this structure will only be applicable when a person or an audience acquire the service or product of the page.

There are various means that can drive traffic to your page almost instantly. Most common ones are:

  1. Display ads

These are advertisements on the sides of webpages.

  1. Paid search.

These options are given by the search engines companies. Examples of this are Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

  1. Social media ads.

These are the advertisements that are seen in social media platforms.

  1. Paid Discovery.

By using paid discovery, the companies or individual are paying networks to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Sponsored Content

It is a type of content marketing that looks like an article on a webpage or a printed magazine.

  1. Influencer marketing

This type of marketing is when a social media influencer promotes your website or brand to their audience in the hope of driving them to your page.

Below are paid traffic benefits:

  1. Instant results

You could nearly instantly feel the benefit of the campaign. Unlike SEO and content marketing which takes time to build, once you pay for ad advertisement you guarantee at least a small percentage of the audience would visit your page.

  1. You can offer targeted ads to a targeted audience

By using paid traffic, you are also able to target a specific niche market of people to see your add. The difference is, you won’t need to spend time to select and craft your website content.

  1. You are not gambling your entire audience on one company

Like we have stated before, search engines change their algorithm often. If you use paid traffic, you still have a lot of alternative of traffic that you can still benefit from.

Free Or Paid Traffic

The cons of the paid traffic are listed below:

  1. There is no guarantee of audience engagement.

Putting your website out there does not equally guarantee a high rate of audience engagement.  Even tho you have used specific audience target, demographic parameters or geographic parameters.

  1. You are used to instant gratification

Using SEO or content marketing will take a longer time. However, you will improve your skill, patience, and persistence over time. Thus, SEO and content marketing tends to show a much more stable result rather than a paid advertisement.

With this dilemma of free vs paid traffic, their real question is posed. Should you use paid traffic?

The result of paid traffic will not replace the result of a natural sustained growth that comes from improving your website content and SEO. Paid traffic will be able to give you a boost and market your webpage to a new audience. However, both means have to be used interactively.