The online world is so interconnected and seamless, but when it comes to the use of data, it could also be said to be a place where one has to be careful with what permissions we give in respect to our personal information on the online world. The truth is that most people that have fallen victims of one thing or the other, in the online world, did fall victim because they subconsciously gave permissions to an unknown person someone to hack into their personal details without consent from them.

When you log into a website, there are times when some sites recommend that you should allow them gain access into your private data and location. When you obliged with this permission, there is a likelihood that all of your saved passwords and other information are made automatically accessible to such unknown persons. This is the reason why internet privacy is very fundamental in the present usage of the internet, especially the commonly used Wi-Fi connections.

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How exactly can I take control of my internet privacy?

The first major step with respect to ensuring that your internet privacy protection is guaranteed is to be mindful of the setting you choose to save over your social media pages. If there is any place that most people fall victims the most, it is the social media. The social media is over saturated and you do not know who has the best interest for you, distinctively from those who have nefarious tendencies. Your best bet is to go under the setting page of your social media page and then you decide which of your data that you want the public to see and also those that you would like to keep personal. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that if your private information should get into wrong hands, it could become a tool to later be used to harm you or your friends.

Also, you need to be mindful of where and how you save your private information. In more recent times, a lot of people have gone to save their passwords and passport scans on Google docs and drop box and for some of them, they fell victims of an act that they thought was safe. The truth is, as safe as you might think that Google docs or drop box is, the fact still remains that they are public platforms and thus a wrong place to keep very private information.

It should also be noted that for some selective websites, when you visit such websites, depending on the browser that you used while logging into the platform, such a browser might disclose a little too much about your details and this becomes a reason why you see those heavy load of advertisement when you are on the online world. It is advisable to make use of browsers that help secure your details and also some online security tools like Kaspersky and the rest.

Even more, it is advisable to keep your phone number and email address private. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that the information in which you provide as they relate to yourself, are those that make you receive spam emails and phone calls. If you know that you are the kind of person that might need to release his or her phone number and email, it is best to get an extra phone and email for that purpose. This is for the purpose of preventing divulging of sensitive information.

How to avert the risk of privacy breach on the internet

In other that you might avert the risk that is involved with privacy breach, one of the many major things that you need to do is to ensure that while you get to chat with people on the online web, make sure that you subscribe to the use of the end to end encryption, this way your information is safe from the hands of anyone including the service provider networks. However, it is possible that while this option might be obvious on different social media platforms, there are some that do not have the option but have the option for secret chat. You could utilize the secret chat option for the purpose of making sure that your chats and personal details are safe and well shielded.

Another thing that you need to do when you are online in any social media page is to make sure that you make use of well secured passwords and codes. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that using secured passwords helps to prevent you from people who would love to gain access to your social accounts by way of predicting your passwords. A secure password is a mixture of numbers, signs and letters and it helps to prevent the hacking into your social media account.

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Even more, you need to make use of applications that allow you to control your own privacy. Such applications allow you to make sure that the details that you leave online are those that you can control and the same should be done for browsers. Also, you need to make sure that your phone and computer devices are much secured with passwords that are known to you. Not everyone should have access into your gadgets.


Many people who have been defrauded on the online world, are majorly victims of the information that they allow their assailants to have about them. The internet protection policy is a “do it yourself” thing and you have the choice to control what you want the world to have about you.