Google has created a new platform that offers online classes to learn how to use google products in the best possible way.

The academy revolves around the idea of developing skills that can be put to use instantly.

Using this platform, you can earn achievements and get them certificated.

In this completely digitalized world, Google is trying to create digital professionals that can put all that knowledge to a practical use.

Courses Offered

The courses offered by google are divided in four academies or categories that we’re going to be talking about next.

Google Academy-Sertificate

Analytics Academy

This course is oriented to people who want to learn how to use Google’s measurement tools.

The idea of using measurement tools is growing business through data collection and analysis.

This section is divided in several courses, the most important being Google Analytics for beginners and Advanced Google Analytics.

These two courses are the ones Google recommend you take before taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam, if you take the exam, you will get a certification.

It is available in several languages including English, French, German, simplified and traditional Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

All these courses are free to take and last around six hours if taken sequentially.

Google Marketing Platform

It’s a unified advertising and analytics platform to help marketing teams make their work stronger.

With this course you can understand your audience in a deeper way to deliver better and faster marketing.

You can access diverse exams to get certified, the page provides you with all the documents with the information you need.

The exams have a time limit of one hour each, if you don’t submit your answers during that limit, you’ll be automatically disapproved.

YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube is a huge platform, and Google offers us courses that can help us make the most out of our YouTube channels.

This includes how to start, strategy, production, optimization, etc.

The exams are divided in categories, basic, intermediate and advanced, and they include monetization, channel growth ideas, music certification, among others.

Google Academy for Ads

With Google Ads you will learn how to use Google tools such as ads display, ads search, shopping and how to measure digital advertising.

You should take the courses and do the exams in the order that is suggested in the page, which is the following:

Google Ads Display

Google Ads Search

Google Ads Video

Shopping Ads

All of these courses have their own exams that give you a certificate of completion.

Google Ads Certification

It is a professional accreditation offered by Google to proof your knowledge on basic and advanced knowledge of Google Ads.

What are the benefits?

Getting certified is a way to demonstrate your clients your expertise and the fact that you’re constantly working to improve your skills.

The Google Ads certification proves that you’re a certified online advertising professional.

Also, you can help your company get the status of Google Partner that will be rewarded with several benefits, including a badge that can be displayed on the company’s website and marketing materials.

Being a Google Partner means that said company has demonstrated Google Ads skill and met Google ad spend requirements.

Google Academy-speaker

How to start

First of all, you will need a Skillshare account that can be created with your regularly used email address. The email needs to be associated with a Google account.

If you’re working on a company, you will be able to introduce its name so they’ll have a report on your progress, courses and certifications.

Update your time zone and select a language among the several available.

How Ads Certification works

When you’re done making your Skillshare account, you’ll get access to the material you need to study for the assessments.

Then you’ll have to do the exams to get the certification on the diverse areas covered by the academy.

The Google team suggests the experience with different campaigns is crucial to get certified.

If you don’t have experience, don’t worry! As stated before, you can access Skillshare learning paths to study.

How to pass the assessments

All the assessments are online and have a time limit of 75 minutes.

It’s important to know that you’re not allowed to pause the time once it starts.

You will need a score of 80% or greater to pass.

Validity Period of Certification

All the certifications are valid for one year, after that time you’ll need to retake and pass the exam in the respective area of your interest.

All your valid certifications will be displayed on your profile, available for you to print.

Certification Costs

One of the best parts of getting certified by google, if not the best, it’s that it’s completely free!

You just need to complete the steps that we stated before and start your journey.


The world of marketing and advertising has changed a lot through the years; all the companies need to get on the top of their abilities to assure their clients that they’re prepared to everything.

It’s great that a company like Google offers a platform like Google Academy that can be accessed by everyone, being free and holding a lot of languages.

So if you’re still asking yourself if it’s worth giving a chance to Google Academy, especially to Google Ads, we can assure you that it’s worth the time and effort.

So go ahead, create a Skillshare account and be prepared to make the most of your business and projects.