Intense Google AdSense Training: Best Courses and Guides

What is AdSense?

The service, developed by Google, allows you to monetize your Internet resource without additional efforts and is suitable for any website or blog. As you probably know, the amount of revenue depends on many factors, including traffic, placement, niche. The undeniable advantage of AdSense is a reliable platform. You do not need to worry about security, payments, ad serving.

What are other benefits of AdSense?

Only ads that interest the audience are shown on this platform. Google AdSense applies targeting and places ads based on site content. The technology of search and evaluation of the page ranking from Google is also applied in it. In addition, Google editors and special technologies filter unnecessary ads. Finally, it is worth noting the ease of use. You can start working immediately without bringing in developers. You just need to add a few lines of HTML code to your site.


What are the coolest AdSense educational resources? 

Thanks to numerous training courses, even beginners will be able to apply AdSense. We will tell about courses both for beginners and for more advanced users.


Let’s start with the best, in our opinion, course for beginners. If you have never encountered AdSense before – you need this resource to start. This is absolutely free resource, which provides all the necessary background info. You will learn about the rules of using AdSense, as well as the principles of its operation. What kind of advertising is allowed, which ads are blocked? How to manage multimedia advertising? How to make money on advertising? How to control the whole process? In Alison you will receive answers to all these questions. After completing the course you will be given a certificate.

 Google AdSense Help & Support

Of course, it makes sense to get acquainted with the course from the developer. Who can tell about AdSense better than Google? While Alison is an introductory course, this resource will help you to get to a more advanced level. You will learn about the types of advertising, how to optimize it, about the various techniques and mechanics that will help to use this service as efficiently as possible. You will be able to view a variety of tutorials in which all aspects of the use of the service are clearly explained.



This is a very useful platform that is popular among many online marketers. It provides in-depth knowledge of AdSense principles. However, if you are serious, be prepared to pay 19.99 euros. The resource is worth it. It teaches in detail how to make money with the help of advertising. You can deepen your knowledge about different types of ads, learn about the latest opportunities of AdSense, how to make it even more efficient and profitable. Paying once, you get unlimited access to the resource.


This is another resource for advanced users. It will help increase profits from your website or blog. You will be given a step-by-step instruction explaining the principles of using AdSense – from the very beginning to a serious level. You will find many training materials that introduce all the nuances of using AdSense.


Digital Skill Port 

This is perhaps the most serious resource that allows you to become a real professional in advertising. Here you will learn both about the basic principles of using AdSense, and about advanced technologies, including the secrets of proper placement of ads depending on the characteristics of websites, the creation of adapted ads, the development of strategies and much more.


This resource is created by experienced marketers who share knowledge gained in practice. It will help you to master AdSense and use it as a professional. You will learn how to receive abundant and high-quality traffic, how to correctly use all known marketing tools, to increase profits many times.


Weebly blog

This blog can be an additional help in the implimentation of AdSense. Perhaps, it is the format of the blog that will be most convenient for you. A lot of practical information can be found here. The authors of the blog will tell you about the proper placement of advertisements, as well as about various cases of using the service.