How to Lead a Campaign in Google AdWords Properly

When you launch a campaign in AdWords you set up the parameters you think are right and wait for the results. This is completely wrong approach, as you need to track the conversion constantly and optimize campaign parameters to decrease the conversion cost. This is very important, especially if you have a small budget for ad campaign .

You need to provide examination using proper checklist. Below you can find an accurate checklist and the grounding why the checklist looks like this.

Checklist for Daily Examination

Your goal, when you provide a daily checking, is to fix the errors and wrong parameters in order to optimize click cost.

The first thing to do is to set up AdWords alerts properly. They are displayed in the upper-right corner. There is an automated advisor activated, which is very helpful for novice webmasters. By the way, you can decide on your own whether to listen to advice or not.

Further it is necessary to check how the budget is spent. You need to make sure your daily budget does not exceed the previously specified amount, unless you have found the parameters combination that increases the click rate dramatically. In such case you need to think over the budget matters again. Otherwise, decrease the click cost to decrease the display rate.

Use the checklist below:

  • check automatic alerts for notifications;
  • check the budget issues.

If you perform this routine on a daily basis, you are likely to save a significant amount of funds. Remember that even 5-7% decrease of conversion cost is worth efforts.

Checklist for Daily Examination

Checklist for Weekly Examination

Once a week, it is necessary to check the budget issues and to keep track of dynamics for the last 7 days.

It is important to clarify whether there is no recession or, on the contrary, sharp growth of a traffic or the price for a click. You can use statistical diagram in AdWords for this purposes. If there is a traffic dip, it is necessary to check cost-per-click parameter; there is a high probability it has affected the performance of campaign. If there is sharp growth of a traffic, check search queries; maybe some of the keyword phrases should be used more often in your ads. If there is a zero conversion you need to rethink the whole campaign.

After you have made an analysis on results of the campaign, it is necessary to make adjustments to keywords or cost-per-click, depending on the results of the past week.

The last thing to do is to sort the keywords and ads by expenses. Choose the top 10 for both and check results for them. Calculate the efficiency of each ad and keyword, and change the cost-per-click costs responsively. Moreover, you need to check whether there are keywords or ads among the top ones that gave no conversion. Delete those from your campaign.

Checklist for weekly examination:

  • check the balance and cashflow on AdWords account;
  • analyze campaign data for the last 7 days;
  • point out sharp growth of traffic and the costs-per-click;
  • make corrections;
  • make sorting among ads groups and keywords;
  • delete useless ones from the ad campaign.

Checklist for Weekly Examination

Checklist for Examinations Once in 2 Weeks

You need to provide deep analysis of the ad campaign twice a month. Such an analysis would allow you to adjust your campaign and optimize costs.

For the campaigns with high traffic it is necessary to check search queries. Add minus words if needed. Sometimes you really need to do this, for example, if you do not need traffic from users that enter in search query “x sell”, where “x” is your product. As such users are looking for the website to sell their product not to buy yours.

After that you should add new requests to keywords list. You can use Google AdWords hints to add the best words.

Usually, the words and groups of keywords recommended by Google really work, while you can later delete those that do not give results. However, it is not necessary to add all recommended words, you can choose among them.

Important: if you just add recommended words without checking them, there is a high risk that you will add irrelevant words.

When you launched campaign you surely had some expectations: on conversion rate, number of displays and cost per click. Now it is time to check whether the plans came true. Basically, all you need to do in AdWords is to check the number of displays – whether it meets your expectations or not. If it does, but the conversion rate is low you need to change ads content. Otherwise, you need to increase the cost-per-click rate.

Checklist for weekly examination

The checklist for the examination looks like this:

  • check search queries;
  • add minus words if necessary;
  • add new requests and keywords (consider recommended keywords);
  • check whether there is no irrelevance among minus words;
  • check the amount of displays and conversion rate;
  • implement changes (change the ads content or cost-per-click rate).

If you want your campaign to succeed, make sure you always provide analysis of the performance of the campaign. The importance of careful examination of campaign grows with the investments. Just consider that your campaign makes $5000 a month and you could optimize it on 20% by deleting word combinations that bring no result. However, you will never know that, if you do not conduct examination. Add this article to your bookmarks to make sure you always have checklists available.