Brief Analysis of Current Essay Writing Services’ Target Audience

The target audience dynamically changes, as well as behavior of the user. This article will explain to you why the conversion rate changes, and recently efficient traffic channels do not bring leads any more.

What is considered to be target audience in an essay niche?

Most often affiliate programs give the following portrait of the lead:

  • Age: 18-27;
  • Sex: Male/Female 55%/45%;
  • Countries: USA, England, Australia;
  • Other: college and university students

However, this data is insufficient to describe the target audience in details. Below you will find more information about the real clients of essay writing services.pict Target Audience

All Students Will Fit

You cannot say that target audience of the essay writing services are all students from the USA. Most of students in the USA study to gain knowledge, but there are also those who study just to gain a certificate of degree. And though, the statement that most of students are aware of existence of essay writing services is true, it does not mean that they know about such services.

Most often, these services are in demand among students, who have delayed deadlines so that they are close to fail to graduate the class (by the way, it explains urgency of the order and, as a result, the high first check). As a rule, the clients of these services are also the students who are not going to work and live in the United States, and have arrived there only for education.

The Lower is the Price, the Higher is Conversion Rate

In general, and this statement is true for the clicks with difference of 15-20% in price. When prices begin with $9 or $10, differences in conversion are not noticed. In such a case, there are other factors that affect the result more, service reviews, presence in social networks, existence of profiles of real writers, who can be addressed directly, quality of a product, presence of experts in necessary area, etc.

As practice shows the last several years, user began to choose services much more carefully and attentively.

Target Audience

What Has Changed in Behavior of Target Audience

In spite of the fact that, as before, the user is afraid to lose the money and to come across the unfair performer who will not write an essay and will not return money the market of consumers constantly grows.

If compare with a situation that took place 5 years ago when essay writing services were something new, now the acknowledgement of the service has risen significantly. The number of clients grows; thus the competition grows as well.

Also, it should be mentioned that users began to buy essay from the first service in the search query less often. Now the user more often follows both on the second and third link, attentively studies the offer, refund conditions, reviews, sometimes checks location compliance of service with the stated contacts, and even date of registration of the domain.

All this says that the user became more competent and accurate.

Why it has occurred?

 Perhaps, essay writing services are responsible for such an awareness as leaving negative comments to the competitors was the common practice in competition.

Perhaps, the Internet user in general became more competent and now, at least, looks at a domain name before following it and studies his guarantees before buying something.

It is possible that beginner services, which have in recent years grown in an essay writing niche, have managed to receive the first positions in Google, but have not learned how to satisfy the client showing poor quality service.

Target Audience photo

How to Reach New Target Audience in the Most Efficient Way?

It is worth remembering that, it is better to concentrate on users, who have decided to buy the essay or a homework. You should rely more on long-tail queries. Your marketing should be based on the content, not paid ads.

Exclude inappropriate regions from the traffic. Especially India and Pakistan. The good result can be received from the USA and Australia regions.

Take care of your lending website: select old domains or domains with history; add trust badge on websites; create accounts in social networks; fill the website with content; use https, etc.

Note that now the struggle with plagiarism is taking place in US and it is serious. The fact someone has used essay writing services can be disclosed in years after the student has graduated and negatively affect the carrier, and your clients know about that. So make sure you convince those that guarantees will be provided.