With our tips you will create PPC ad that will attract more potential customers to your website for less money.

Four components that will allow your ad to attract more customers:
– specific ad title and text
– exactly matching keywords
– properly configured geo targeting
– correct link to your site

Now let’s begin …

How to create an effective PPC advertisement

What to advertise?

Before you create a context advertisement, it’s important to correctly identify the subject of it. For example, if you own online store selling cosmetics, in your ad, you can talk about:
– Your company as a whole: “Lorifame – Best cosmetics for you!
– Separate product group: “Quick makeup packs.
– Specific product: “Jordana Lipstick.
– News and promotions: “Order 2 lipsticks and get free shipping!
– Unique service of your site: “Upload your photo and try all cosmetics online!
In context advertising – the more specific you are, the more results you have. Therefore, advertising of company usually shows low efficiency, and the highest – advertising of a specific product or a unique proposal.

Compare yourself:

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Ad’s title and text.

The most important in contextual advertising – give a concrete answer to a user search request. That’s why the main recommendation for writing ad title and text is to be concrete.
write correct titles. Make it clear to the user that he found exactly what he wanted.
– use keywords in the text or ad title. If your ad contains keywords, when shown on any search engine, they are written in bold to attract more attention.
– create many specific ads instead of one general. Make a separate ad for each proposal, which you are willing to make to potential clients. For example, a store that specializes in selling Panasonic, Sony, Nikon…etc. cameras may create one ad for sales of Panasonic cameras, other – for Sony, third – Nikon. At the same key phrases for each ad must contain corresponding brand names.

How to create an effective PPC advertisementCreate dozens of specific ads! Their creation does not entail additional costs, because you are not paying for advertising, and for referrals to your page.

– specify the price. If the user knows the price in advance, click on your ad will mean an interest in buying at that price. If the price does not suit the user, it will not click on your ad, and you will save your money.
– name the region. If your proposal is for a particular region, name it in the title or ad text. A resident of Chicago more likely will click on the ad with the headline “TVs in Chicago” than the ad, in which district is not mentioned.
– tell us about the uniqueness of your proposal. Delivery, bonuses, promotions. According to studies, the mention of free shipping increases the number of people who have followed the announcement in more than 1.5 times. If your offer compares favorably with competitors’ offers, mention of its advantages in the ad text.
– use words-stimulants. Studies have shown that ads containing words-stimulants have several times higher CTR.

10 most effective words-stimulants: gift, sale, discount, present, inexpensive, affordable, cheap, free, reduced, hurry up.

Offering customers a gift or bonus, do not deceive them!

– Do not use the company’s name in the title or text. This will not be an attracting factor, unless you do not advertise recognizable brand. For the buyer it is important that he found desired item, and who is the seller, he will be able to find out on your website.
– Encourage them! Ads that contain the phrase, calling for any action is often more effective because they stimulate a response. For example: “Order Now!” or “Call!”.
– Experiment. It’s not possible to tell about all your benefits in one ad. In this case, use these guidelines in different combinations and evaluate their effectiveness using statistics. In the end you will choose the option, which will work the best for your business.

How to create an effective PPC advertisementThe better text your ads have – the lower price! Ad’s position on the search results page is determined not only by the bid value, but with the CTR. This figure depends on how the title and text of your ad can interest a user. Thus, high-quality ad is in a better position at a lower price!