Credit card facility was being introduced to reduce the of the people all over the world. Carrying the whole cash in pocket is not safe, as many thieves are roaming here and there to steal. So, having a credit card can save you from that. There is another point regarding this importance of credit card which is you can carry your whole bank account in it and can spend from it at any place in any moment. This is the cards are becoming popular nowadays. But it’s a matter of shame that some people are  doing frauds with cards by stealing their information in various process. They use many kinds of techniques to trap simple people and steal the whole amount of money from the card. Sometimes he loss is so severe that a man or woman can not get past over it. This is becoming a serious issue all over the world. Maximum people throughout the world are scared of buying anything from line for this reason. This issue is holding back the progress of digital online marketing.

Credit Card Fraud-Stolen card

So what can we do prevent these online frauds? How can we fight this issue? These are the raising question regarding this issue. In order to fighting this problem, first you must have to understand about the whole fraud system. Actually a silly mistake of ours cost us a huge amount of money. If we can avoid certain criteria, we can fight this problem easily. Those criteria are:

  1. Before falling for the attractive fake offers try to check it one more time or ask someone who has a knowledge about this kind of offers.
  2. Before submitting your credit card information, try to know about that certain website or shop. If they are trustworthy only then give information into their websites.
  3. Don’t fall for any fake calls from bank or credit card company. These are nothing but trap.
  4. Don’t give your credit card information without realizing the purpose.


You must ensure all these factors if you want to fight against these frauds. This kinds of incident doesn’t occur regularly but when it occurs it brings a huge loss for the certain family or person or company or institution. Public should be aware about all these possible way to face it. If they know all these then they won’t fall for anything fake. But in the end we can say that, it is easy to say but hard to do.   


Credit card fraud detection

As we discussed earlier about credit card frauds and how to fight them, now we need to know what are the procedure of detecting them. It is not that easy to find or detect them. It takes a great amount of time, labor and skill to find these frauds. They work as a team. Someone get the information, someone goes to booth to withdraw money. So, this is very tough to catch them. But it is not impossible t them. With proper measures and steps the law enforcement can detect them. They can be taken down group by group if only one member can be detected. Unfortunately they are well aware about our processes. So if we want to detect them then our public needs to be more aware than ever. Only their awareness can help the law enforcement to find frauds. Governments should pass new law regarding this issue with severe punishment for this crime. Cyber crime cases should be taken seriously by the officers. If we want to detect them we must follow these rules.


Credit card fraud prevention

If we want to prevent the credit card fraud we need to follow all the rules of detecting fraud. If we can detect them we can prevent them also. The process might not be that much easy but it’s possible. They can be prevented if some frauds are detected and then they get punishment worth setting example. They should face some real consequences do that no one can ever think of doing things like online fraud. Public should be aware about where to give credit card information. If people don’t fall for their trap then it will be tough for them to do fraudulent. Above all, we are the one who are the key to prevent these online frauds. Using plastic cover over credit card can save people from public hack. They should avoid typing their passwords in front of other people. This can be the way of facing credit card frauds. Credit card information is very personal, so any kinds of banks or credit card companies won’t demand your personal information. If anyone from bank or credit card company is asking for it that means he is a fraud. Contact to the local police immediately, if you face this kinds of situations. Above all, always keep your credit card information to yourself and keep it secret. So, this is how you can prevent yourself from these types of online frauds.

Credit Card Fraud-Credit Card

Credit card fraud prevention methods

There are no certain written methods to prevent card frauds. As it seems so much tough job to just detect them. It is even tougher to prevent them. You just can’t prevent someone from doing anything. Government should make people well aware and banks and companies should recheck if a huge transaction being done. Above all law enforcement should be prepare for preventing this issue. They need to be more active regarding this matter. We should do what we can do to stop this issue.

Finally, as it has become a global problem nowadays, it should be eradicated properly. Though the percentage of facing fraudulent is very low but in a single fraudulent case people can loss millions. So, we should try to be safe and smart in order to stopping this issue.