Why Organic Traffic?

Remember that any traffic that comes directly via search engines and without the reference of any other site is organic. Why do people emphasise on organic traffic search? The answer is because organic traffic is long serving. If someone has come to your website via an ad or an external link that person might never come back on your site again. The reaches or the traffic on a website in case of paid promotions last till the money doesn’t get exhausted. Eventually when the website has reached the defined amount of traffic the count goes back to zero. It is advisable to go for inorganic traffic if you are working on a short term goal or want an initial breakthrough. But organic traffic helps work for a bigger and a long term goal.

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Ways to Grow Traffic Organically

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

Creating content on your website in a way which helps people find your website easily on the search engines like Google or Bing is Search Engine Optimisation. In simpler words it is optimising your content so that it is more easily available on the search engines. Now the question is how does one do it? You just need to know in particular about all the different aspects of your product or service. You must know about what people looking for that product think about it. And what are the terms or keywords people are going to use in order to find the best result. You must know your competition in the market. You should try to figure out the perfect combination of terms which can give you the best results.

  1. Creating a Blog

Creating a blog and linking it to your website is one of the best ways to gain organic traffic. Writing about product, its usage, the problems and solution to the usage are a few things everybody needs to do. In order to come in the radar of search engines the blog must have rich content and product specific approach. The website and the blog, both can be linked with a single Google Analytics Account in order to have the exact organic search analysis. Getting organic results is a time taking process and it doesn’t happen overnight. For this to work over a period of time there must be continuous flow of content of good quality.

  1. Using Specific Keywords

Everyone knows their target audience. The keywords must be appropriately chosen as a means to reach out to them. If you were your target audience and were looking for your own product what would you search? Got the answer, good! Now use those specific combinations of keyword in the content that you write on your website and blog. The optimisation should always be audience centric and not search engine centric. Many people go wrong in this step which is important. Your target audience is going to type in the keywords. What they type is totally a process of their mindset and it has got least to do with the search engines. But how the search engines are going to respond to the query of the target audience has everything to do with you. So, it’s important to anticipate the thinking of your potential customer. And use the keywords accordingly.

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  1. Internal Links

When there is enough content on you website and blog, it’s about time to take a step forward. The next step is providing internal link to your own content on your blog or website. This ensures that an average user who visits your site has enough of interesting links to click on. This way the time spent on your website or blog increases exponentially over a period of time. It is again an important factor that has effects on how search engines respond to your content. Increasing the average time an average user spends on your website helps in building up organic traffic. Overdoing this might have an adverse effect and people might see your blog as a spamming blog. The right number of internal link per post can be from 1 to 3 depending upon the length of the post.

  1. Consistent Flow of Quality Content

This is the most important thing that determines whether or not you’ll be able to draw attention organically. Quality content is second to none not even paid organic traffic which is actually just advertising in a way. Organic traffic cost can’t be determined as the organic search is something that happens naturally. Consistently writing content on your blog and website can help grow the traffic over a period of time. This period of time can be weeks, months or even years. But as long as there is continuously flowing content, your blog and website stay active. The more content they have the more are the chances for search engines to find you.