When you place a banner ad, it requires a lot of factors including the spending of money and time to design and place the banners online among others. Thus, you want to be sure that the banner will perform as expected and also produce the desired effects. During the process of designing your banner, there is a number of things you can pay attention to, towards ensuring that the performance of your banner ads campaign is improved.

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  1. Banner Advertising Definition

You might be wondering what is banner ads or banner advertising. Banner advertising entails a form of online advertisement, where images are used as opposed to text. It is generally believed that pictures are more appealing to individuals than text. Thus, a lot of companies pay other websites (mainly those with a high number of visitors) to place banners promoting their product or brand on their website, such that the banners link back to the product or brand’s website. This way, visitors to the other website would be able to see the advert and if interested click on it. When they do this, they will be directed to the website of the brand or product where they can make purchases. However, placing banner ads do not automatically convert to seeing results. We will now look at the various ways you can ensure that your banner ads produce the desired result.

  1. Design

The design of your banner is very important, its size, the font, the images used and other features of the banner must have a nice, attractive and simple design. In terms of size, the banner should not be too big or too small. When it is too small, the visitor might not see the banner and even when they do, the font or contents might also be too small that the visitor won’t attempt to stress his eyes to look at it. On the other hand, if it is too big, it could be annoying. The font should be simple and easy to read. Do not sacrifice legibility on the altar of style. You should ensure that you use images that are very clear and apt. The images should also not be heavy as well as the overall design of the banner. Making it too heavy will mean it would take more time to load. Furthermore, it would tell on the data of the visitor of the website if he is on a subscription with a data limit, who might notice and not be too pleased about it. Even if he would have gone ahead to click on the banner, he might decide not too as he would be scared your website will even be heavier.

  1. Image Optimization

There are several reasons why you should optimize your image. Firstly, an optimized image will help you to deliver a clear image that will not be too heavy. Secondly, there is the risk of your advert being rejected by the website you want to display it if the quality is poor, it is too heavy or it is not of the right dimension. They wouldn’t want the quality of your image to impact on the quality or appeal of their website. Thirdly, it would significantly reduce or eliminate the chances of the picture getting distorted, thereby reducing its appeal to visitors. Thus, you should use an image optimization tool to ensure that the size of your image is reduced without any noticeable effect on its quality.

  1. Position of the Ad

You should check to ensure that space, where the website intends to put your banner, is okay. This would imply that it is placed where it can be easily noticed by the visitor to the website. If your advert is going to be the last feature on the page, chances are that most visitors would have achieved the purpose for which they visited the web page and left before seeing your advert. Thus, you should confirm that it is placed where it can be easily seen by almost all, if not all of the visitors to the website.

  1. Easy to Read and Understand

You should make sure that the content on the banner is easy to read and understand. That just at a glance, the user should have seen and understood the message. With this, they could now look further if the glance passed enough information to interest them. Otherwise, most visitors just glance across the adverts and go straight to the content of the web page.

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  1. Placed on a Related Website

Do not place your advert about pet food on a website that is talking about mobile phones. Whoever visited that web page was interested in mobile phones. Your advert on pet food would fare better on a website for pet owners.

  1. Appeal, Content, and Look of your Website

Your banner should have the right appeal. It should tell the visitor something that would interest him to want to know more about your product. Furthermore, you should ensure that the content of the banner is in line with what is on your website. Your visitor should not be attracted by your banner and the message, only to see something entirely different on your website or for your website to be in a bad shape.

  1. Paid vs Free Advertising

In most cases, you might have to opt for paid advertising websites, if you really want value for your banner ads. Analytics advertising are mostly used by paid adverts to place your adverts on different website that would be visited by people whose online activities have shown interest in your product.


For your banner to produce the desired impact, you have to make sure that it is properly designed and properly placed. The content should also be appealing as well as the content and design of the website on which it would be placed and the one that it would link to.