Google is a technology company that provides internet services all over the world. It is mainly taken as a search engine that provides you information of every kind that you want to know. It is regarded as one of the top and best technology companies over the world. Google has given people convenience by providing them many more facilities. If you are making your own website, Google will keep a check on it and see whether you are working according to the internationally set standards and legal regulations. If you are not working according to these laws, Google has proper authority to put your website in the blacklist.

Keep Off Google’s Blacklist-Laptop Block


If you are creating your own website and working on it, you must have information about what is a blacklist? Blacklist is a list of websites or people that are considered as unacceptable because they don’t follow the rules and regulations and come up with many technical errors. First, they are giving warnings if they remain consistent with what they are doing they will simply find themselves in the blacklist. And then they will not be able to continue their work on that website. These are actually the cluster of IP addresses that distribute spam, and the emails from these addresses are blocked. There are many other reasons by which your website get caught by Google as a member of the blacklist.

Blacklist from Google’s perspective

As we have discussed, Google has the power to put any of the websites in the blacklist. This is what google blacklist is, means which websites Google has put there. It is thus the system which is maintained and prepared by google. When a website is not working manner fully or giving stuff that is not good for the users, Google simply expels it. Google is putting about ten thousands and above websites in its blacklist a day. It causes great damage to the revenue of that website generator, so it highly recommended that the website developers try their best to cope up with all the lawful situations. Because this is their legislative responsibility to abide by the rules of the industry in which they are working.

Blacklist Website

Suppose you have an own website and you are consistently producing malicious and harmful stuff or if your site may be hacked, you will first receive warnings from google to sort it out by taking corrective measures. Most people resolve the issues and receive proper protections for their work. By doing so, you can continue your work and be tension free. But if you keep on producing damaging stuff for your customers and even on your site, Google will stop your working. Your IP address, emails, passwords, and even your site’s ownership will be taken away, and you will be recognized as blacklist website. In short, we can say that blacklist website is the one which has its name in the list of those websites that are considered as malfunctioning websites by Google.

Keep Off Google’s Blacklist-Laptop

Why Your Website Got Blacklisted

There are many reasons why a website is considered as a blacklist website.

Your website may be malware, giving damage to the client, servers and even to the networks of the computer.

You are using someone’s content on your website that is a serious crime. It comes under the head of stealing.

You are not creating your own links and continue buying links from others. No innovation and no personal efforts are seen on your side.

You are completely canceling and abolishing the laws. Instead of following them properly, you want to get rid of them and work by your own rules. This is called scrapping.

If you do phishing, you are considered as a blacklist; it means using someone’s critical information like passwords, usernames, and even debit and credit card’s details in order to receive an honorable entity. It is a swindling attempt that results in a complete ban on your website, and you are not required by law to continue your business or work at this site.

Doing cloaking is also a crime, the punishment of which is putting your website in the blacklist. It is a technique by which you put your work in any search engine in a way that is different from the original one which you have made. It is also considered as stealing someone’s work, his efforts and showing it as it is yours.

Ways To Keep Your Website Off Google’s Blacklist

There are many ways by which you can prevent yourself from getting into Google’s blacklist.

Keep yourself aware of the terms and conditions of Google and the changes in the algorithm.

Keep these two files safe and secure, wp-config.php file and .htaccess file.

After appropriate intervals, change your usernames and passwords and make your login pages secure.

Try to work with original stuff. Don’t even try to copy or steal single information from others.

Keep Off Google’s Blacklist-Google Blacklist

Don’t go for the spam websites. Don’t buy or sell the spam links and sites.

Clean your site regularly. Try to remove all the malicious contents whenever you come up with them.

Install anti-virus software regularly so that any virus that serves as a barrier in your working can be removed without any wastage of time.

The packages you are giving to customers and clients should be carefully selected that serves you in the best way.


As you can see that there are many bad effects of being blacklisted by Google and it takes time to overcome. So you should make a Google account to keep a regular check on your site.