When someone says that you can make money on Instagram, you may wonder how this is possible. Of course, you may have heard of people who may be getting fairly good amounts for the pictures they shoot and share on Instagram. But this may be the first time you are hearing about Instagram monetization and this may be surprising to you.

This may make you think that you can also use the following you have on Instagram for earning money. Let us now find out the ways as to how you should go about this.

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Those who are active on Instagram also have influence and reach.

You know that bloggers have succeeded in having a sizable audience by crafting great contents. Similarly, those who have been active on YouTube are also able to amass audience. In the same manner, if you are active on Instagram, you can have a good reach and wield your influence on your followers as well. But unfortunately, a number of business owners are not aware of this fact. That is the reason they are yet to use the power of Instagram for promoting their businesses and brands.

The reach you can have and the influence you can wield are the two factors that will help you make money on Instagram. Though some people say that you can get money for likes on instagram, it is only one way of earning money using this site. In fact, there are multiple opportunities to earn using this site. This means that it is for you to decide whether you want to build a business empire or you will be contented with some extra money.

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Do you need a big following for making money on Instagram?

To this question, the answer is a big “no.” It is enough if you have a reasonable number of followers. In fact, how much you can earn depends on a few other factors. Let us have a look at them.

  1. The niche you have chosen and the way you tie the niche directly with a particular product category are factors that may determine your success in your efforts to earn money on this platform. For example, you must check if you can link your niche with categories such as fashion, beauty, food, fitness, etc. A study of the top hashtags reveals that these are the most popular niches.
  2. The second factor is how your followers engage themselves on the Instagram accounts. To elaborate this point, let us assume that you have 100 K followers but most of them are either not real or they are not as active as they should be on the site. Remember that these followers will not be of any use to help you in your efforts to make money on Instagram. Also remember that some of the people earn top money in the range of thousands of dollars per post they share on this platform. At the same time, there is another group of people who have a smaller number of highly engaged followers and who earn equally good money on this photo-sharing platform.
  3. Thirdly, the revenue channels that are being explored by you will play a key role in helping you earn on Instagram.

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Now the main question is: How can you make money on this photo-sharing platform?

Though the amount you can earn depends on the unique contents you post on the platform, your audience, as well as the level of commitment with which you work play a key role in helping you earn on this platform. Of course, you can use the following ways for earning on Instagram.

  1. One of the ways is to do sponsored posts that can help those brands that aim to make use of your audience.
  2. Secondly, you can choose to become an affiliate and earn commissions by selling the products of other brands.
  3. You can create and sell a digital or physical product yourself and earn money. You can also offer particular paid services in which you have the required skills.
  4. Of course, you can sell your pictures and earn.

Points to remember for succeeding in this process. 

  1. Remember that focusing on one type of revenue stream may not impact the possibilities of earning using another stream and making money.
  2. You can take the role of an influencer for monetizing your Instagram account. In this method, you will be partnering with popular brands and using your influence for promoting them. To put it differently, you will be working with such brands for creating sponsored posts so you can earn your money. In fact, it is the online reputation you have built by sharing useful and awesome things with your followers that will be helping you play the role of an influencer effectively. Remember that you are an expert and a trust-worthy person for your followers and this is what will play a big role in wielding your influence on them.

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If you say that the number of brands that have started realizing the power influencers can wield is increasing, it is not an exaggerated statement. These brands are willing to use the power with which you can wield influence on your followers for which they are ready to pay good money.

In a nutshell, making money on the Instagram platform is possible. The money you can earn depends upon several factors but regardless of the money you wish to earn, you have to put forth the required efforts with a focused approach for succeeding in your aim.