A successful media buying strategy should be rolled out in a slow but sure procedure so that one does not lose the market. Once you are done with the advertising and marketing campaign, it is time to get into media buying. The strategy you employ should have the media channels you intend to use (be it radio, TV’s, or billboards), the campaign specifications you will need, and the goals you have for the products you are having. The offers you receive from various vendors and the coordination of the same is the most stressing and confusing part. Your strategies of media and execution should guide you into what you want. Check into your budget so that you can be sure that you are cost effective. You don’t want to spend too much money on a strategy that will bring little returns. You may find that there are various vendors that match your needs, but the moment you select one of them you will realize that there are various gaps that are existing. Plan in a calculated manner so that you don’t make blunders that might cost you in the long run. How do you plan for media buying strategy that will be successful? Use these guidelines for optimal performance.

Media Buying Strategy-Plan

Campaign conception

Since you have a marketing team, you must ensure that they understand the online media buying strategy. Train them on the objective of media buying and let them know their targets. Set realistic targets to them and let them conceptualize the process they will follow to ensure that your strategy picks fast.

Campaign strategy

The objective of media buying should guide you as you chose which the manner in which to disseminate the information. This objective should guide you so that you are able to have a very strategy that will work optimally and in the long term. Ensure that you have a classic strategy that will reach the most people. Choose the most popular and maximize on it. The campaign message is only by you, and you intend to make it known across your target population.

Coordination of vendors

Once you have devised the best strategy, you will need to identify the vendors to use and plan on how to coordinate them to achieve maximum success. Media buying strategies call for high class coordination of vendors so that they don’t disappoint you when you need them most. The vendors will come with an array of options which they think will work best for you, but you should be firm and insist on the best strategy that you think fits your product.

Once you select each media outlet, you should complete the process enlisted here

Negotiation with vendors

Negotiate with the vendors regarding the slots and spaces you will occupy. This should be guided by your reasons of media buying. Try to negotiate so that you may get the best prices for each media you choose. Bring along your best team of negotiators so that you win the best deal.


The media buying strategies and execution demand for the best artwork so that you win the hearts of many buyers. Customers need the best artwork for your products if at all they are to purchase. Once you are done with the negotiation and you are ready to hit the road running, choose the best formats and sizes that will make you move up in the market share.


Your objectives of media buying should be your guide as you produce what you are marketing. Media buying demands that artwork forms should be managed so that there is production of various creative designs. Customers check the formats you use. Be alert.

Coordination of operations

Media buying strategy involves supplying the artwork to the various media vendors. The supply should be done in a coordinated manner which is concise and clear. There should be specific instructions about posting so that there is no confusion about the timing and design for each time. It is easier to have digital advertising and bring to completion. On the other hand, it is complicated to have outdoor advertising due to the complexities involved and the tight deadlines that each team must work with. Moreover, the installation and operations teams require high level coordination for the optimal performance of the outdoor advertising.

Proof of posting

It can be frustrating to wait for the proof you have about posting. Frustration comes as a result of the delay in posting after you have begun the media buying strategy. You should have some proof of posting so that you don’t lose the tread of your adverts.

Media Buying Strategy

Remediation of outstanding errors

Depending on your aims of media buying, you might want to review the process and check if there are any glaring errors. If the postings are not done correctly, you have to request your contractor to adjust them. Ask your vendors to improve the resolution, though some of them may be adamant to resolve such issues as resolution challenges.


Media buying can be a tedious process that calls for sobriety and composure. You should not be a hurry since you will lose out. Choose the best media vendor who will help you achieve your goals of media buying. The better you are at choosing a good vendor, the easier it gets and you save time and money.