You were planning to create your own website for your new business and heard about the Google blacklist, or your website ended up being blacklisted by Google or any other case in which either you are wondering what does blacklist mean or how to remove the blacklist warning? We got you covered. First things first, Google has become the other name for internet search these days. You often would have heard that Google this or Google that. Whereas what it means is to search the internet for certain information. This actually means that you have to take Google’s warnings seriously if you want to stay on board over the internet.

Google Blacklisting-Laptop

What are Google’s Blacklist Warnings?

Google while enjoying ample spotlight has a great responsibility towards the internet these days. We all know that the internet world is growing at a massive rate and something like Google has a great responsibility to keep the experience of surfing the net safely. This is a very difficult task considering the immense number of webpages and all the great spread of network. Google uses some algorithms which are updated every now and them to keep up with detecting the malware and spam. These websites are then not showed in the results of Google’s search and got blacklisted, and when you have a visitor on your website the Google shows a warning page indicating the visitor that this website is unsafe, in that case, you lose your visitors.

It is not necessary that you have put in some malware on your website and only then it will get blacklisted, but a hacker can do the job for you as well. This Google blacklist can be helpful for you in such cases as it can notify you about the malware. Fact is if your website got blacklisted by Google, your business is going to suffer pretty seriously. But you don’t have to worry you can remove blacklist warning.

Causes of Ending up in Google’s Blacklist

There are many reasons one can end up in Google’s blacklist, but these are some the most important and most usual reasons for which a website gets blacklisted.

  1. Using Black Hat SEO Techniques.
  2. They are stealing
  3. Scrapping websites.
  4. The buying

No matter what reason your website got blacklisted, it is harmful to your business, and hence it is essential that you solve the issue and remove Google blacklist warning.

How to Remove Google Blacklist Warning

Now to get the visitors back for your website, you have to follow certain steps.


  • Identify The Infection And Get Rid Of It

The first and the most vital part is to identify the issue your website got blacklisted. Only when you know the problem, you can take steps to solve it. When you don’t know what the issue is, there is no way you can solve the issue. For this, you can make use of Google Search Console. Removing the infection is quite a complicated task, and it is better to consult an expert for this job. An expert will identify and remove the infection expertly and probably would make an attempt to have your website secure in the future as well.

Google Blacklisting-Access Denied

Now for the Google blacklist removal, you have to submit a review request so that Google will reassess your website and remove it from the blacklist if it is secure. For submitting a request, you have to follow this guide step by step

  • You have to go to the tab named Security Issues. This is for you to reassess the concerns Google has found.
  • Next, you have to select “I have fixed these issues.”
  • Then click on “Request a Review.”
  • After that, you would have to enter the details of the steps you took to remove your website from the blacklist of Google. Make sure to enter all the information.
  • In the end, you will have to click “Manual Actions.”

If your website has multiple issues, you would have to repeat the procedure from going to Security Issues tab and selecting “I have fixed the issues” then clicking “Request a Review” and finally adding in all the details of your efforts made to get rid of the issue. Repeat for all the issues. Google may take some time to review your website. This period may take a few hours, or it can even take a day or two, so the process is time-consuming and you need to stay along.


Prevent Your Website from Getting Blacklisted

Prevention is better than cure, and hence it is important that you prevent your website from getting blacklisted again or even the first time if you haven’t faced any blacklist issue. There are certain ways you can use to prevent this mishap from happening. There are certain ways you can prevent hacks and blacklists

  1. One way is to go for Security Audit as many things on the internet can get wrong.
  2. The best way to keep yourself secure is to keep updating your software. It is an effective precaution and can help you secure your website.
  3. Another way for prevention is to make use of a security Many security solutions are available in the marketplace because they are highly needed in the times.

Final Words

The Internet has changed the way of business, but at the same time, you can face a backlash. It is important to stay safe over the internet to get full benefits of the mind-blowing invention.